The Infinite Zenith

Victory costs. Every time, you pay a little more.

The Infinite Zenith

Welcome to the Infinite Zenith, a website I've created site to showcase a small range of my favorite anime series and the games I've had the fortune of trying. The Infinite Zenith was named after two vessels in the Celebrity Fleet; the Infinity was the vessel I took to Alaska back during 2003. The name of the site derives from a coupling of the astronomical term zenith, the direction pointing directly "above" a particular location; that is, it is one of two vertical directions at the location, orthogonal to a horizontal flat surface. Thus, taken together, the Infinite Zenith means to gaze upwards towards eternity with the desire to progress and advance.

Infinite Zenith evokes in the mind's eye a vision of the wonders of what lies in the skies directly above us. Following an aspiring bioinformatian and his reflections on worthy anime and video games, it is only natural that the integration of moé accompany these thoughts for the sake of aesthetics.

That is my opening statement, typical of most anime blogging sites . The namesake of this website was derived off two vessels in the Celebrity Fleet: The Infinity and The Zenith, the former of which was the vessel I boarded many years ago on a journey to the pristine pine forests and tranquil inlets of Alaska's inside passage. The Infinite Zenith was originally created to showcase some more user-friendly flash games, although over the past few years, there was a shift towards anime and gaming discussions. The site has recently undergone several changes to its interface to make it easier to navigate. We hope you enjoy reading the Infinite Zenith. When signing the guestbook, I have two requests A) that one refrains from posting irrelevant or illegal content, and B) 

Seasonal Reflection

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  • The Infinite Zenith's role has currently been superseded by the Infinite Mirai. Regular updates will no longer be made to this site, and the Guestbook is now closed. I would like to take the time to thank the readers for having allowed the site to reach the point that it is today, and further remark that if you wish to get in touch, you can do so at the stipulated new site.


The Infinite Zenith

Talking about myself has never been a strong suit of mine, but for the inclinde, I'm presently a graduate computer scientist and software developer; my interests outside of biological modelling and mobile development include anime and games.

The briefest history of this site

The Infinite Zenith is interpreted as a point lying at the top of the sky, just beyond our reach, and represents the ever-changing nature of life and how accomplishments lead to new goals. When I first began this website, it was merely intended as a place for me to play Novel Games in the absence of other players, and to show off some of my Sim City creations. Through the past several years, my writing styles and content have been influenced by several well-known bloggers, including Danny Choo and Random Curiosity. In the present day, my website has drawn inspiration from many locations to present anime and gaming content in a simple, user-friendly manner. I typically write for my website as somewhat of a diary to keep track of my thoughts and for my own reflections. The fact that it is a publicly accessible website and has since helped many individuals find what they sought is a bonus.



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There is additional content aside from the website proper: we also maintain a Facebook page for shorter updates and thoughts, and a blog that has superseded this website. Links to both locations may be reached below.