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This is the part of my site that holds some of the underlying stuff about what was going through my mind when I was writing an article, what the site looks like overall, other places of interest, and archived news stories.


Site Hierarchy

This is a representation of how pages on the site are organised. All the pages in orange are sub-pages of the main website and link to all the blue and red pages. Red pages possess multiple articles that can be navigated using the image links, while blue pages are dedicated articles. The exception is Gundam 00, which is broken down into four smaller sections.

Site News


  • 3/15/15- As promised, I've finally ported my review of the Gundam Unicorn finale here, just before a year has elapsed following the release of said finale. A great deal has happened since my last post here back on April 26, 2013, although I won't be doing any catch-up: that would fill a small book. With this, I am formally dropping support for the Infinite Zenith at, and I would like to thank the readers who've been with us the past seven-and-a-half years.

Link Portal

The internet is at once an incredible resource for stuff, and yet it can be the jerk of all jerks. There are some sites that stand out above the others (sites I visit regularly). Here are some of the sites that are worth mentioning, along with a blurb about content and/or function.

  1. Webs- A free web hosing service. Why else would this site exist?
  2. Google- The ultimate search engine, although sometimes, it dregs up crap people index
  3. Novel Games- A flash-game company that develops some rather excellent games
  4. Wikipedia- The ultimate free encyclopedia where I contribute articles. I use the same articles on my site. (I edit sporadically as teh_nubkilr)
  5. Microsoft- Without them, this site (and many other things) wouldn't exist. Go download some free updates and software while you're there.
  6. Facebook- A powerful social network utility that is very useful at organizing events, or simply seeing how your friends are doing.
  7. Flickr- An image sharing site, it's where I host some images from this website. If you're interested in what people are capable of making, search up HDR images; they look fabulous.
  8. Agame- If you're looking for flash games that parallel the games at Novel Games in terms of awesome, this is the place to go.

There are many great sites out there for many things. Below are the sites that deserve honourable mention: they're awesome sites, but I don't visit them as often for stuff. (Here, order does denote degree of awesomeness).

  1. Tekuno! A comprehensive, detailed and insightful technology blog, this is a great resource for individuals seeking balanced, informed information about anything computer related (both hardware and software). The recent article about the Alienware M17x is of note
  2. Angel Feathers- It used to be a Ah! My Goddess media and discussion site, but it's a simple forum now. I frequently posted as teh_nubkilr until my account was compromised.
  3. Gilsinan Raccoons Site- The ultimate authority on Kevin Gillis' The Raccoons, this site is truely unparalled in every aspect, save the media library, which is still incomplete to date.

Finally, my presence is felt elsewhere on the internet. The motivation behind this is usually to enable greater access to knowledge or resources, allowing me to augment this site to a far greater extent than would be otherwise possible.

  1. YouTube- The ultimate in video sharing and hosting, I take advantage of YouTube to host Gundam 00 related media. My videos are hosted under the name MilleniumSummit.
  2. TvTropes- A dedicated wiki for media-related elements, this is one of the best place to see elements of story-telling and their applications in fiction. As an editor, my roles there are simple: to spot grammatical errors and repair them. Similar to my names elsewhere, I post as teh_nubkilr.


The archive for this website is no longer maintained: these archives document the updates I've made since beginning this site in November 2007. While these archives are no longer accessible, individuals looking to get in touch with me are more than welcome to do so at the Infinite Mirai.

Site Inspector Approved 

Infinite Zenith holds the honour of being one of the last sites on the internet to be Site Inspector Approved. Formed during the dot-com bubble, Site Inspector went offline for good when the bubble burst, but during its time, it checked sites for spyware and other cyber-hazards. We have things like McAfee Site Inspector now, so sites like Site Inspector have gone obsolete. This one was received on December 4, 2008. 

Spider Sim's Web Award

For offering top-notch content, a clean layout and thought-provoking writing, Spider Sim awarded this website with the award back in March 23, 2013. The days of site awards are long past now, but these tokens are a reminder that smaller personal websites can nonetheless be quite useful for readers with specialised interests. This award's been around since 1998, so I imagine that, like the SiteInspector Approved award, the Infinite Zenith is one of the last sites on the internet to receive this honour.

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