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Halo 2


Halo 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie Studios. Released for the Xbox video game console on November 9, 2004, the game is the second video game title in the Halo franchise and the sequel to 2001's critically-acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved. The game features a new game engine, as well as using the Havok physics engine; added weapons and vehicles, and new multiplayer maps. The player alternatively assumes the roles of the human Master Chief and alien the Arbiter in a 26th century conflict between the human UNSC and genocidal Covenant. Players fight enemies on foot, or with a collection of alien and human vehicles.

Personal Opinion

Halo 2 was an incredible game for its era- the gameplay and concepts took what Halo CE had and took it one step further. My fondest memories of Halo 2 include spending many a Sunday afternoon at a Halo 2 system link (and later, LAN) parties with friends. Halo 2 is a fair game in terms of story (cliffhangers are a little disappointing), although introduction of the Arbiter was a pleasant surprise indeed. The multiplayer aspect, however, was revolutionary: the maps are detailed, and gameplay is balanced much more nicely. If one were to buy Halo 2 solely for multiplayer, it would be worth it.


  • Cairo Station is the first level in the game where you actually start shooting stuff. In spite of being the first level, it's actually my personal favourite in that it, to me, has the most replay value of any level in all of Halo 2.



Taking place shortly after the events of the novel Halo: First Strike, Halo 2 opens with the trial of an Elite commander aboard the Covenant's mobile city of High Charity. The Elite is stripped of his rank and branded a heretic for failing to stop the humans from destroying Halo. It is revealed that the Covenant's interest in Halo lies in the religious belief that the activation of the rings would bring about a "Great Journey", sweeping loyal Covenant to salvation. At the same time as the Elite Commander is tortured by Tartarus, the Chieftain of the Brutes, the Master Chief and Sergeant Avery Johnson are commended for their actions at Halo during a recognition ceremony aboard a coilgun platform orbiting Earth. Lord Hood awards the soldiers alongside Commander Miranda Keyes, who accepts a medal on behalf of her deceased father, Captain Jacob Keyes.

  • Your first objective on Cairo Station is to repel the boarders. A plasma rifle and SMG works the most effectively on this level for two reasons: 1) the plasma rifle removes shields and the SMG finishes a target quickly, and 2) both weapons are extremely common.

  • Cairo Station remains one of my most favorite levels, in spite of the fact that the design is typical of most shooters. Once you clear the Pelican bays from the boarders, pick up the shotgun that the gunnery sargent drops for closer quarters engagements. On Legendary, the BR and plasma pistol will work wonders against Elites (its usefulness is carried over to multiplayer, hence some players christening it the "n00b combo").

  • Following a long shootout against Covenant forces in the streets of New Mombassa, you will be alerted to the entry of hunters. They're more powerful than their Halo CE precursors; if your turrent is still intact, use it to blow them away.

  • The tunnel pursuit is quite intense. It's strongly recommended that one takes a Ghost, as it is the fastest means to speed through the tunnel. Alternatively, taking a warthog grants you extra firepower, but it'll be a little slower.

  • It's impossible not to feel godly driving a tank across a bridge, blowing away anything that moves. If rushing through a level is your goal, a warthog is lying around where you exited the previous level.

  • This is the gauss 'hog. Only appearing twice in Halo 2, it fires with a cool warp-like effect, with the shot being effective against light vehicles. A bit more skill is required to hit infantry, but it's nonetheless effective.

  • Before boarding the Scarab, use rockets and sniper rounds to clear out the deck. Grab a battle rifle and then hop on, clearing the cockpit as you go. The textures inside the Scarab leave something to be desired, though...

Shortly after the commencement of the ceremony, a Covenant fleet appears outside Earth's defensive perimeter. While the UNSC manages to repel most of the surprisingly small fleet, a single Covenant cruiser carrying an important member of the Covenant hierarchy, the High Prophet of Regret, flies through the orbital platforms to the city of New Mombasa, Kenya. The Master Chief clears the city of Covenant; with his fleet destroyed, Regret makes a hasty slipspace jump, and Keyes, Johnson, Cortana and the Master Chief follow aboard the ship In Amber Clad just as the slipspace rupture destroys much of the city. The crew exits slipspace to discover another Halo installation; realizing the danger the ring presents, the Master Chief is sent to kill Regret while Keyes and Johnson find Halo's key to activation, the Index.

  • You get to play as the Arbiter, whose armour can active-camo, making stealth a viable option in some areas now. However, you only have a limited amount of energy for the camo, so make good use of it, and find cover if you need to recharge it.

  • The banshee chase is one of the most exciting parts of this mission. Make use of the waypoints to find your destination, and use your fuel rod cannon to take out tougher targets. Be sure to watch out for the Grunts that carryportable fuel rod cannons; if you get hit and your banshee gets too heavily damaged, replacements are always around. On your way to the Heretic leader, you'll fight the flood for the first time. Veterans will know how to deal with them, but for novices, here are two of the best ways to get through them: 1) Use your camo to sneak past them, 2) use the energy sword to deal with the combat forms and grenades in conjunction with SMG rounds for the carriers and infection forms.

Meanwhile, the disgraced Covenant commander is presented before the Prophet Hierarchs, who acknowledge that though the destruction of Halo was his fault, he is no heretic. The Prophets offer him the honored position of Arbiter so that he can continue to fight. On his first mission to kill a heretic, the Arbiter discovers 343 Guilty Spark, who the Covenant view as "oracles". Responding to Regret's distress call, High Charity and the Covenant fleet arrive at the new Halo, Installation 05, but not before Master Chief kills the Prophet. Bombarded from space, the Chief falls into a lake and is rescued by a mysterious tentacled creature.

  • Delta Halo is a large, outdoor, subtropical level. Make good use of the vehicles on this level, as they have unlimited ammo. The rocket launcher you start out with is not for shooting at the Grunts or Elites...saving it for when you encounter the Wraiths later on is probably a good idea.

  • Once you get past the Prophet of Regret's holgram, pick up a beam rifle. Sniper weapons are a gamer's best friend for parts of this level, but remember to keep a battle rifle or carbine around for the engagements that occur indoors.

  • This is the main temple where Regret is hiding out. On the gonola en route to the temple, it's best to keep a long range weapon and mid-range weapon on you, as there will be gunners on the temple's edges and enemies will occasionally board you. Once you reach the temple, take out the honour guards, and follow the on-screen prompt to board and melee Regret: his throne has an energy shield that will repulse anything (yes, even rockets: I've carried a rocket launcher all the way here just to try out what happens), and be careful of his energy beam. Once you beat this level, the story goes back to that of the Arbiter's, and you'll be fighting some familiar enemies...

  • The start of another long level: enjoy this panoramic vista in a relatively quiet environment. This level has a great many pistons with glowing components that you'll have to activate to keep going. You can activate them manually in lower difficulties, but higher difficulties will warrent your shooting at them to activate.

  • This is what the Arbiter appears as when he's cloaked. Most enemies can't differenciate between you being cloaked and the walls, so this is the most feasible way to get past areas without being shot at. Remember that the cloak drops the instant you attack or get hit by anything.

  • The fastest way to take out a Sentinel Enforcer without a tank or rockets is simply to stick it, or overload its shields and shoot at its arms. Later in the game, the Enforcers become more common, but you'll also have access to vehicles. The scorpion is recommended, as its shells will quickly dispatch one (overload the shields with your machine guns), but be careful not to get in range of its arms- the enforcer will simply pick up the scorpion and crush it (if that does happen, disembark quickly or it will be an instant death.

  • See that massive structure in the background? That's the library, and your destination. For now, you'll have to fight your way through a camp infested with the flood to progress further. Have a moderate range weapon (e.g. carbine) and short range weapon with you at all times here.

The death of Regret sows seeds of discord among the races of the Covenant, as the Brutes are given the Elite's traditional job of protecting the Hierarchs. The Arbiter is sent to find Halo's Index and captures Johnson and Keyes before being confronted by Tartarus. The Brute reveals that the Prophets have ordered the annihilation of the Elites, and sends the Arbiter falling down a deep chasm. The Arbiter is saved by the tentacled creature and meets the Master Chief in the bowels of the installation. The creature, Gravemind, is the leader of the Flood on Installation 05. Gravemind reveals to the Arbiter that the Great Journey would destroy Flood, humans, and Covenant together. Gravemind sends the Arbiter and Master Chief to different places to stop Halo's activation. The Master Chief is teleported to High Charity, where a civil war has broken out among the Covenant; In Amber Clad crashes into the city, and Cortana realizes that Gravemind used them as a distraction to infest In Amber Clad and spread the Flood. As the parasite overruns the city, the Master Chief follows the Prophet of Truth aboard a Forerunner ship leaving the city; Cortana remains behind to destroy High Charity and Halo if Tartarus succeeds in activating the ring.

  • Quarentine Zone is a long level, but speeding through it on a Ghost and using your camo to avoid long firefights helps a lot. Take full advantage of the vehicles scattered through the level: driving through locations is often more effective than trying to overpower the flood. The next scene involves of fighting with the flood on the gondola- equip your energy sword and slay them as they come. Energy for the sword won't be a concern: the flood drop swords, as well as shotguns and SMGs.

  • This place should look really familiar to Halo CE Veterans.There are infection forms in this room where the Sacred Icon is, but they aren't much of a threat to anyone.

  • You start Gravemind Grab the extra one behind you and blast away at the brutes: needlers are actually quite effective. Once you dispatch the brutes, take their plasma rifles and clear out the remaining opposition. One of the brutes will drop a carbine, which will be indespensible later on.

  • As you drop through the lower levels of High Charity, enjoy the scenery. Your next task will be to rescue the marines imprisoned by the Covenant. Once you have access to them, the brute shots will become the most effective close-quarters weapons avaliable to you.

  • At the start of Uprising, the brutes will become your main enemy, as there is now a civil war within the covenant. The massive structure is where you will need to go. Follow the narrow pathway down a ways, where you will find an energy sword, some plasma grenades and another plasma rifle. You'll have to be more cautious against brutes: killing all but one leaves a berserker behind. This is where the energy sword and brute shot is useful (assuming you pair it with the carbine).

  • High Charity is a long battle through a flood-infested map. You begin with the Carbine and plasma pistol, but swap the pistol off immediately for a sword. This particular stage is called "Cross Purposes", and is probably most well known for the glitched "Flood Juggernauts" that used to show up. I haven't seen them myself, but from the footage other players have taken, I am glad to have never encountered them.

  • Make good use of your flashlight and take advantage of any energy swords you find. In practise, a combination of the carbine (useful against the brutes) and the energy sword will make this dark level far easier to complete. Of note is the fact that the flashlight never will run out of power, making it indispensible.

  • You return to a flood infested High Charity. Following your experiences with the flood and the sword, your sentiments wil undoubtly lie along the lines of: "Gotta get the energy sword first! I need it...I want it...I'm going to get it...I need it to WIN!" Seriously, the energy sword is indispensible when fighting the flood, and a fully charged sword here is a blessing.

  • A screen of High Charity with the Forerunner vessel in the background and Cortana in the foreground. Simply walk onto that platform to end Master Chief's side of the game.

The Arbiter is sent to the surface of Halo, where he rallies his allies to assault the Brute's position. With the help of Johnson, he confronts Tartarus in Halo's control room. When the Arbiter tries to convince Tartarus that the Prophets have betrayed them both, Tartarus angrily activates the ring, and a battle ensues. The Arbiter and Johnson manage to kill Tartarus while Keyes removes the Index. Instead of shutting down the ring entirely, the unexpected shutdown of the ring triggers a system-wide failsafe, putting Installation 05 and all the other rings on standby for activation from a remote location, which Guilty Spark refers to as "the Ark". As Truth's ship arrives amidst a raging battle on Earth, Hood asks the Master Chief what he is doing aboard the ship. The Chief replies he is "finishing this fight". In a post-credits scene, Gravemind is seen arriving on High Charity, where Cortana agrees to answer the Flood intelligence's questions.

  • The Wraith is really useful for taking out other Wraiths and Ghosts: even the berserking Brutes won't stand a chance. On Legendary difficulty, you'll have to play more strategically, using your camo to work your way to the upper floor.

  • Flying a wrecked Banshee prior to the final fight with Tartarus. There are numerous Banshees scattered en route to this structure, so if your current one sustains excess damage, simply hop off and grab a new one.

  • Beating Tautarus is fairly simple: Johnson will snipe him and strip him of his shields, after which you are free to fire at him.

FAQs and Guides

Given the nature of Halo 2, many guides illuminating the path to success in the campaign and/or multiplayer have been written over the years. Here are three notable guides from GameFAQs that should be of some assistant to players.

A new Era

Halo 2, as the sucessor to Halo CE, has a few notable differences in gameplay. While these changes are noticable (and thus, change the strategies veteran Halo CE players are used to executing), they do not change the gameplay from the original Halo. Here are five changes I've noticed that have the biggest impact on gameplay.

  • HUD Interface- The new HUD Display is slightly different than the Halo CE one, but is just as effective. The shield indicator is above the motion tracker. Ammunition count is now on the upper right hand corner. The upper left hand corner is where the grenade count is displayed, and is replaced by the ammunition count of the left hand weapon when dual-wielding. Aside from some asthetic changes, the HUD remains as effective as ever.
  • Health- Retaining the concept of a recharging energy shield, Halo 2 dispenses with the notion of health units and randomly scattered med-kits: one can't take excessive damage in combat to the same extent as in Halo CE once the shields are depleted, but the energy shield also recharges faster, which more than compensates (just get out of the line of fire, and wait for the shield to recharge- no more worrying about health packs)
  • Weapons- The cover art depicting Master Chief dual-wielding SMGs is not simple art: you can dual-wield a variety of weapons in Halo 2 at the expense of being unable to use grenades or melee while granting a player raw firepower. There are also new weapons, and most noticably, one can carry significantly less ammunition, although ammunition is always in plentiful supply (think armouries and the flood carrying human weapons). Some weapons were nerfed for balance issues, and indeed, Halo 2 is considered to be the most well balanced of the series.
  • Vehicles- Ever had a game where one of the players hogs a banshee and tries to get cheap kills by running people over or landing on them? Turn the tables on them by boarding them and throwing them from their vehicle! Boarding is now an element of gameplay, and unsuspecting drivers no longer reign supreme simply because they have their vehicles. On another note, vehicles can be damaged now, and explode. Also, ramming enemies at lower speeds won't kill them now, thanks to a superior physics engine.
  • Falling damage- It's possible to fall from a fair distance and live now, thanks to shields covering the soles of your feet. However, it's still not advisable to jump of that ledge when what lies below is foggy...
  • Dual wielding is an incredibly amusing feature to use in terms of flashiness; although it doubles your firepower, dual-wieldable weapons are only suitable for close quarters combat. That said, certain weapons combinations (like a plasma rifle or pistol paired with the SMG or magnum) are lethal, rapidly removing the shields of an opponent and then quickly dispatching him. Here, I wield the Needlers: they are far weaker than their Halo CE incarnations, but will quickly dispatch opponents in pairs. Since the needlers are fully automatic, firing in bursts is the best way to use them; seven needles embedded in an opponent is all that is needed to trigger an explosion.

Popular Multiplayer Maps

Beaver Creek

"These forgotten structures were once the site of many bitter battles but have since been reclaimed by nature."

Beaver Creek is an outdoors map set in a tiny canyon featuring two symmetrical bases that are separated by a small creek, and is a direct remake of the map Battle Creek, from Halo: Combat Evolved


"Recent excavations have failed to shed light on the true purpose of the outposts in this bloody gulch."

Coagulation consists of a large valley with identical bunkers at both ends. It is ideal for Capture the Flag games due to its wide open spaces and having one base at either end of the map. This map is suited to between 6 and 16 players due to its size, and is a remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer map Blood Gulch.


"Some believe this remote facility was once used to study the Flood. But few clues remain amidst the snow and ice."

Lockout is theoretically an old research laboratory designed by the Forerunners, and is heavily favored by MLG professionals and skilled snipers. It  is usually played solely as a close quarters map because of the nature of the course and map default spawns.


"Don't let its luxury fool you - the Pious Inquisitor is one of the fastest ships in the Covenant fleet. "

Midship is a small Halo 2 multiplayer map, ideal for duels and small free-for-all games. It takes place on the Covenant warship, Pious Inquisitor. Although not exactly symmetrical, it is considered to be a symmetrical map, due to the fact that the asymmetrical sections are equal distances from each base.

Ivory Tower

"Once home to the famous socialite Lance O'Donnell, the top floor of this building is now a public park."

  • Ivory Tower is a medium, asymmetrical map with many corners and ledges. Both long range and close quarters techniques are viable here, owing to the fact that there are open and tight quarters on the map.

Multiplayer Tips

Here are some general tips to grant novice to intermediate players an edge in this game. You may know some or all the things in this article depending on your skill level. Even for expert players, these are the fundamentals that make for a good player.

  • Map knowledge- Knowing the layout of a map is crucial to all multiplayer games; it is worth memorizing some of the more popular maps such that one is familiar with all the weapon spawn points, objective points and strategic locations. For instance, if one was familiar with where all the ledges and shortcuts in Lockout were, it'd be easier to escape from a guy who's got the Energy sword. Alternatively, knowing where the rocket launcher spawns makes it easier for one's team to control a game of CTF. Rather than trying to remember where everything is on the map the first time playing, take some time to look around on the maps. Familiarizing oneself to a map doesn't take too much effort, but is incrediblely useful.
  • Weapon Combinations- Given that a player can only carry two weapons at once and eight grenades (three weapons when dual-wielding), one must make careful selection of which weapons to take with them during a battle. It is advisable to always carry a good mid-range weapon, like the battle rifle alongside a specialised weapon (sniper rifle, beam rifle, shotgun or energy sword). On large maps, carrying the energy sword and shotgun is going to be of very little help, for instance. When dual-wielding, select weapon combinations that are effective against both shields and flesh. The plasma rifle/SMG combination and plasma pistol/magnum combination are highly effective, as the plasma weapon takes care of the shield, and the bullets do the rest. As a side note, the rocket launcher is strictly a crowd control and anti-vehiclular weapon: wielding rockets at close range is bound to injure the operator, and spending a rocket to kill a single player is a waste of rockets. Finally, the battle rifle and carbine are crucial weapons: most people set games up where these are the starting/only weapons. Learn the advantages and disadvatages of each.
  • Grenades- This is one of the things that separate good players from weaker ones. It takes a lot of practice to become an expert with grenades, but it is one of the easiest ways to kill someone. Use common sense, throw the grenade where the player will be not where they are right now. If you see someone running towards you, backup behind a wall and throw a grenade in their path. If you are surrounded, try to get off two grenades and you will sometimes get several kills. If you hit someone with a frag grenade, and get a headshot with the battle rifle, it is an instant kill.
  • Melee- If you are shooting someone and you can walk up to them, melee them if you can. Sometimes it is better to back up rather than melee. For example if you are dual wielding and did not get the first shot off against a single wielder, back off so you kill him rather than get meleed. Don’t forget that you lunge slightly when you melee, so use that to your advantage.
  • Movement- Try to flank people as much as possible. For example if you are on top of big base sniping and you see someone on the radar coming up, look through or jump through the hole behind you and take them out. Do not run into rooms with more than one enemy, let them come to you or weaken them with grenades first, it is much easier to kill them that way.

The first and foremost tip that can makes kills easier is to aim for the head no matter what weapon you are using, except the shotgun. You will kill them a lot faster. Other than that, learn the maps and the weapon combos that work best in different situations.

Teamwork Strategy Guide

There's nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon at or hosting a LAN party, playing team games that require everyone's participation. Here's a simple guide for players who want to contribute more to a team during those games of CFT, KOTH or OddBall.

Multiplayer Teamwork Guide- Please be aware that you need Microsoft Office 97 or later to read this.

  • The importance of teamwork is apparent in CTF, even if one is online with players they do not know. During this match, I tasked myself with defending flag carriers for my team and recovering stolen flags. Thus, the other players were focused on actually getting points, while I provided a distraction so that the said task could be accomplished. At the cost of dying 127 times, I got exactly 200 kills (a kill-death ratio of 1.58:1), and contributed to the team's victory.

Multiplayer Etiquette

There are a few thing to keep in mind when playing any multiplayer game anywhere, whether it's a LAN Party with friends or an online game with people you don't know.

  • Multikills are awesome, but if they cost your team a victory, you may have to re-evaluate the worth of such actions.
  1. Be a Good Sport- Swearing because you died isn't going to change the fact that you died. Keep the expletives to a minimum, get your game together and keep going. If a teammate has failed, encourage them and give them tips to do better. In online games where other players are jerks, don't quit in the middle of the game; instead, wait until the lobby before going. By keeping a cool mind, other players may view you as a good sport, rather than an unskilled and angry player. As a side note, some players may 'teabag' other players to humiliate them. Doing this is generally an indicator of a bad sport, although I'll grant them two exceptions: you may do this to any aggravating player who deserves it (for instance, if he seems to target only you, or if he has a really annoying name), as well as people who teabag you first. Actually, if a player seems to target only you, you may handle him however you wish (within reasonable bounds, as you do not want to get banned for cheating).
  2. Don't Rage Quit- Rage quit is defined as where a player's performance leads him to leave the game before it is over. This is technically a subset of being a good sport (i.e. don't rage quit!). From a personal perspective, it is an indicator of sportsmanship, especially in online games, to play until the game ends. A player who rage quits essentially hands a victory to the other team/player, so there are no real gains from rage quitting, except showing the other players how immature one is.
  3. Don't demand game types- The host of the LAN or server is likely already trying to accomodate everyone's wishes. If you liked that previous MLG round, why not try that outrageous round of phantom swords with no shields? The key is to keep an open-mind, as all gametypes have their own redeeming traits, If you really wish to replay a gametype, request it kindly to the host. They'll understand and likely set the next game to your preferences.
  4. Be a team player- Whether it's betraying teammates, being unsupporting or whatever, your actions won't help your team get that flag or be the King of the Hill. Find out what your role is, then stick to it for the most part. Give teammates covering fire, or help them grab the objective if they're about to die. Helping out a team towards a common goal is rather more rewarding than a killtactular that cost your team the game. However, if the game is FFA, do as you please! For instance, during a KOTH match in Lockout, I managed to score 78 kills, 41 medals and 30 headshots within the two minutes of hill occupation. Consider that the guy who won the match only got 29 kills. The wisdom of doing so may be questionable to some, but that round, I decided to see what going only for kills would yield.
  5. Choose a good name- As trivial as a name sounds, players do subconsciously have dislikes towards names of a certain type. A general rule is never choose a name that sounds 'cute': the experienced players would hate to die at the hands of jerks: players choose these names likely to annoy other players. A cool-sounding name (e.g. Br4v3 n3w W0r1d) or a name with a clan designtator (e.g. [BoTD]requiem) is preferred, as such names can denote skill and a good attitude towards the game.
  6. It's just a game- Turn off that screen. Take a deep breath and go for a walk.  It's just a game, and not a war or serious competition. If feeling frustrated, the best thing to do is take a break. It helps calm the nerves and get one back on track.
  •  There's more to Halo 2 than just multiplayer. If you're feeling intrepid, go on ahead and explore some of the campaign maps. In Cairo Station, a well-timed grenade jump will land you on the roof of the station. Here, there will be no Covenant filling the air with hot plasma, so you're free to enjoy the scenery.

Crowning Moments of Awesome

Here are some of the medals I've earned in multiplayer that are worthy of note. Most of these actually have an interesting story to them of some sort, and I've shared those here as I reminiscence about the good old days of Halo 2. I currently play as Infinite Zenith on Halo 2 for PC.

  • One of my more impressive triples, I was in a game of team slayer and had just entered the gravity-lift room when I saw three members of the pink team clustered together after spawning. Without really thinking, I tossed in a plasma grenade and it stuck to one of the players, taking out the two that were beside him before they even had the chance to move. I think this counts as a "cool stick", seeing as it's literally killing three birds with one stone...well, plasma grenade.

  • Being invisible makes getting kills harder...but I managed a 19-kill spree (and earned a rampage medal in the process) on a team phantoms round on Beaver Creek, which is fairly impressive considering we're invisible.

  • More recently, I achieved my first killtacular in an online match: the said killtacular was on Lockout, when all of us were playing FFA slayer. I was in the room under the sniper tower with the battle rifle and grenades, as well as the sword, and slew them as they came. Two of the kills came from headshots after tossing a grenade at them, and the other two came when two guys rushed me and I got them with the sword'. I've enjoyed the LAN parties my friend hosted at his place; I attended one recently and enjoyed an afternoon of Halo 3, but playing Halo 2 brings back memories of the old days when things were a lot less chaotic.

  • While taking a break from writing a paper for medical science, I joined a game of Fiesta to clear my thoughts out. I respawned with a rocket launcher in the connector between the two towers. This was the only weapon I had access to, so I essentially cleared out the lift room to get a killfrenzy. The interesting thing to note was that I got one double per rocket. However, I had done something significantly more impressive earlier...

  • ...I had spawned with a plasma rifle, but I was able to grab a shotgun on the way to the sniper tower. Up here, I got a double kill with a plasma grenade, and shot two players jumping across. At this point, I was thinking to myself that it was nice that I got a killtacular, and I dropped into the room under the sniper tower with the shotgun. I slew two more players as they entered the room to earn my first ever Killtrocity, although I don't recall whether or not I got the ball carrier. I would eventually pick up the ball and get enough time to secure second place, and get three more killtaculars afterward, much to the chagrin of the other players.
  • This was one of the most frenzied games I've ever played. As the match name suggests, I started with a sniper rifle and an energy sword. One of the quickest ways to get a series of multikills is to play on a crowded server with many people and limited spawn points. In Foundation, the nature of spawns meant that I was able to use grenades and the sword to get another killfrenzy.
  • There appears to be a direct correlation between stress levels and Halo 2 performance. One Sunday,I was working to finish a program for my Assembly Language course, and I was running into all sorts of problems. To relax a bit, I joined a game of CTF already in progress, and upon my third trip to the flag, I ran into half the blue team. I sniped the first two, then beat down another guy before reloading. After reloading, I slew two of their players, both of which had just respawned. The game would end 12-nothing in favour of the red team, and I managed to get the most points along with the most kills (medals, headshots and multikills). At day's end, the assignment was done, so I'd say that break was worthwhile.

  • Technically, this is my second killimanjaro, although the last time I tried to take a screenshot, a glitch led to the loss of the image. This round was one of the most frenzied I've ever played, and after I picked up the sword, I went into the blue team's spawn points and essentially wiped their team twice to earn the killimanjaro.

  • I'm so strong, my beat-downs are splatters. It's been a while since I played Halo, what with all the Borderlands I've been playing in my spare time (that is to say, every Friday night). However, as it was a Sunday and the last day of reading week, I decided to sign back in and play a few games. The substitution of a splatter medal for a beat down medal has happened three times altogether now for me, and it is highly amusing, suggesting that I hit the guy with enough force for the algorithm to register it as a vehicular impact.

Infinite Zenith