The Infinite Zenith

Victory costs. Every time, you pay a little more.

Introduction and background

It is the year A.D. 2307. Fossil fuels on Earth have been depleted entirely, with mankind turning to the next available power source: solar energy. During this time, 3 orbital elevators with solar power generation systems are built, each under control by the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations (formerly United States of America), the Human Reform League (Russia, China and India) and the Advanced European Union. However, not all countries are able to enjoy the benefits of this system, leading to widespread resentment and war. Arising out of the conflict, a mysterious military organization known as Celestial Being appears, dedicated to end all warfare using Mobile Suits called Gundam. This begins the stories of Gundam Meisters (pilots) Setsuna F. Seiei, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism and Tiera Erde as they are thrown into conflict between the 3 superpowers and the various other factions.

Four years after the final battle between Celestial Being and the UN Forces, humanity, after having established the Earth Sphere Federation, forms an independent security force, A-LAWS, separate from the formal Federation army to further unify nations and the will of mankind. But in reality it is simply inhumane oppressing anti-government powers, doctrines, and ideologies in the name of unity. Setsuna F. Seiei, after surviving the battle four years ago, has decided to once again fight with the power of Gundam.

Gundam Meisters

Setsuna F. Seiei

The Gundam Meister who pilots the Gundam Exia. He was born in the wartorn Republic of Krugis, where he fought as a child soldier and was saved by the intervention of a mysterious Gundam. After this experience he went on to join the private armed organization Celestial Being under the alias Setsuna F Seiei. He is a quiet and reserved young man who keeps his emotions to himself, but his actions are sometimes impulsive and unpredictable.

Lockon Stratos

The Gundam Meister who pilots the Gundam Dynames. Lockon is a superb marksman, and as the oldest of the Gundam Meisters he serves as their unofficial team leader. With his good humor and caring personality, he often plays the role of a big brother to his younger comrades, particularly the quiet and serious Setsuna. He operates his Gundam with the assistance of a Haro robot whose control support enables Lockon to concentrate on his shooting, and has a personal feud with Ali Al-Saachez, who plotted the terrorist bombing that caused the death of his family.s1 ep19 After being killed at the climax of the first season, his younger twin brother Lyle Dylandy chooses to take up the title of Lockon Stratos and becomes the pilot of the Cherudim Gundam.

Lyle is shown to be easy-going like his brother, but continues to struggle with distinguishing himself from Neil. Originally a member of anti-government organization Katharon, Lyle joins Celestial Being for his own reasons.

Allelujah Haptism

The Gundam Meister who pilots the transformable Gundam Kyrios. Allelujah was raised under the supervision of the Human Reform League, and later went on to join the private armed organization Celestial Being. His personality is normally calm and gentle, and he is reluctant to take lives even when the mission demands it. However, there is another side to his character...

Tieria Erde

The Gundam Meister who pilots the heavily armed Gundam Virtue. His origins, his personal history, and even his age are a complete mystery, but he appears to be an androgynously handsome young man around the age of sixteen. He is ruthlessly loyal to Veda, the entity that controls Celestial Being, and tolerates no deviation from its plans by his unreliable comrades.

  • From left to right: Allelujah, Lockon and Tieria

Crew of the Ptolemaios


  • Left to right- Feldt Grace, Christina Sierra and Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Tactical forecaster of the Celestial Being mothership Ptolemaios. Not a captain but essentially the top ranking officer on the ship so she takes command. She essentially plans all the tactics the Gundam Meisters take part in. Her strategic predictions are almost always very accurate. However, she enjoys drinking, even in the middle of an operation, and is frequently seen with a liquor flask in hand. She went to college with Billy Katagiri, and they both had Leif Aifman as a professor

Christina Sierra

Ptolemaios tactical operator. She was a highly-skilled programmer who ran away from her adopted mother before being discovered by Celestial Being. She has a good-natured personality and a deep trust of her comrades. She seems to be green in combat situations, and broke down mid-combat in the Ptolemaios when the ship was struck by enemy fire. In the finale, a GN-X fired into the deck after she lied to Feldt to get her away; Christina dies in the secondary explosion with Lichtendahl Tsery in her arms.

Feldt Grace

A tactical operator, same as Christina. For some reason or another, she seems to be poor at communicating with others. Feldt is the daughter of Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady, who initially worked under Celestial Being as Meisters for the 2nd-generation GNY-series Gundam prototypes before they were killed in an accident. She has a wealth of mechanics-related knowledge and joined Celestial Being in anticipation of being able to utilize it. She is very fond of Haro and admires Lockon deeply, eventually developing a crush on Lockon and blushing whenever he is around.

Lichtendahl Tsery

Ptolemaios helmsman with a cheerful personality. His parents were technicians of the Orbital Elevators that were killed in the Solar Wars. He lost a large portion of his body in the carnage, which was replaced with machinery, making him a cyborg. He was fatally wounded when he tried to cover Christina from an attack from a GN-X on the bridge of the Ptolemaios. The damage from the attack revealed to Christina his mechanical body, and she told him what a shame it was that she had never noticed how amazing he was--apparently revealing a new-found love on Christina's part. He dies moments later with a happy smile on his face because he had finally been recognized and loved by someone.

Lasse Aeon

Ptolemaios gunner. The mothership's combat ability can be said to be governed by him. He often acts cynically. He has also been seen to be piloting GN Arms, the transformable weapon docking system for the four Gundams. Although he was severely injured in the battle against Alejandro Corner's Alvatore, he survived. In the second season, he is seen operating the Ptolemaios 2.

Ian and Mileina Vashti

Ian is a bespectacled middle-aged man affiliated with Celestial Being's mobile suit development project. He personally delivered new equipment to the Meisters in Episode 6. He also appears to be the technician aboard Ptolemaios and in charge of the repairs on the ship and the Gundams. Four years later, he reveals to Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long the 0 Gundam and they talk about 00 Gundam and Ian tells them that the 0 Gundam 's GN Drive is not compatible with the 00 Gundam and he wonders whether Gundam Exia's GN Drive will work on it. He used to be part of AEU and was good friends with Joyce Moreno before they joined Celestial Being. In the second season, he is still the technician of the Celestial Being and is happy to know that Setsuna is alive. When Setsuna boards the 00 Gundam, Ian protested, telling him it is still in test and was shocked when it activated. Like the other crew members, he was shocked to see Lockon is still alive.

As the daughter of Ian, Mileina was part of the Celestial Being by default and learned much about engineering, GN Technology, and programming while growing up, and now joins the crew of the Ptolemaios. Normally at the operator's chair but also a mechanic with the inherited knowledge and skill of her father. She brightens up her surroundings with her airheaded expressions and behavior. She also says "Desu" a lot.

Other significant characters

  • Left to right- Louise Halevy and Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad

A resident of Japan; a senior high school student studying aerospace engineering. A gentle person with a submissive personality, he is often pushed around by his overbearing girlfriend Louise. He and his sister live in an apartment right next door to Setsuna. He and his sister, Kinue, had been orphaned prior to the start of the series.  Despite his unaggressive nature, Saji has been caught up in the wake of the Gundams' actions. His girlfriend, Louise, loses her left hand and entire family due to an unprovoked attack from the Throne Drei Gundam. Later, Saji hears his sister was murdered (in fact, it is done by Ali Al-Saachez, not Celestial Being) while she was pursuing information about Celestial Being's founder, Aeolia Schenberg. He develops a deep hatred for the Gundams, whom he blames for Louise's injures and his sister's death. He later goes in to space to pursue his dream of being a space engineer.

In the second season, Saji is accused of being an agent of Kataran and forced to perform manual labour in an environment with artificially induced gravity. He is saved during a chance reunion with Setsuna and becomes hostile towards his former neighbor upon discovering Setsuna's identity as a Gundam Meister.

Louise Halevy

An exchange student. Like her current boyfriend Saji, she studies aerospace engineering. Has a rather selfish personality. A citizen of the AEU, specifically Spain. She is seriously wounded, losing her left hand and family, in an attack by Nena Trinity on a wedding party hosted by the Halevy family. In a conversation with Saji, a nurse reveals that there is something strange about her wound, preventing the hospital from regrowing her hand. After Saji comes to see her in Spain, she tells him that it will take a long time for her to heal. Not wanting to be a burden on Saji, Louise 'breaks up' with him and tells him to go back to Japan and fulfill his dream of becoming an aerospace engineer. She also promises him that some day they will reunite again in space. In the final episode of Season 1, Louise is seen with shorter hair. In Second Season, Louise is a member of the A-Laws, and is sent on her first mission as a mobile suit pilot.

  • Left to right- Marina Ismail and Shirin Bakhtair

Marina Ismail

The first princess of Azadistan. Due to trade embargoes following the completion of the solar energy pipelines, Azadistan can no longer export its fossil fuel reserves, and consequently is faced with an economic crisis. Azadistan has recently became a monarchy and she was elected as sovereign to restore the national economy by the Azadistani Parliament. She embarks on a diplomatic mission to seek aid from other members of the AEU, but has met with little success due to Celestial Being's constant "interference".

Shirin Bakhtiar

A chaperon and adviser to Marina Ismail at the Azadistan Royal Palace. She has great political knowledge but cannot take part in the Azadistan government in an official capacity. Consequently, her words and behavior have a bite to them. She leaves Marina for unknown reasons after the 4-year timeskip. Four years later, she joined the anti A-Laws resistance group Kataron, along with Klaus Grad and Lockon's twin brother Lyle Dylandy.

Wang Liu Mei

A celebrity whose name is well-known in global high society. In secret, she is an agent of Celestial Being. She uses her wide social connections to conduct espionage activities and fundraising. She also passes mission details to the Gundam Meisters, supporting Ptolemaios from the shadows. Liu-Mei harbors an extreme disgust with the world, and has stated that she does not care who changes the world or how, as long as it changes, going so far as to support the Trinity's aggressive armed interventions. 


Alexandro Corner

A UN Ambassador for a Union member nation, Alejandro is secretly an Observer for Celestial Being, but implies that he has limited access to Celestial Being's deeper secrets. Throughout the series, Alexandro covertly manipulated the actions of Celestial Being's operators thanks to Ribbons's ability to hack Veda. He eventually showed his true colors in the final battle between the UN and CB when he fought in the mobile armor Alvatore. Alexandro was killed by Setsuna F. Seiei during the ensuing battle and betrayed by Ribbons shortly before his death.

Ribbons Almarc

Ribbons Almark is the main antagonist of the series, acting through Alejandro Corner in the first season before abandoning him. Seeing himself to be god like, Ribbons' main goal throughout the series has been to twist Aeolia's plan to suit his own agenda of ruling humanity. He's extremely arrogant, considers himself superior to both humans and Innovators. Using the A-Laws from behind the scenes, Ribbons watches the battles unfold from the comfort of his lair. During a face-to-face meeting with Setsuna, Ribbons reveals his part in his entry into Celestial Being by tampering Veda's files while attempting take the 00 Raiser from him. After having Regene killed, Ribbons then proceeds to begin the final phase of his plan. However, after killing Tieria, Ribbons learns too late that Tieria merged his mind with Veda and as a result, loses control of Veda. Refusing to let his plan die, Ribbons reveals himself in the Reborns Gundam to fight Setsuna's 00 Gundam before taking one of its GN drives to re-power his 0 Gundam to battle Setsuna in the rebuilt Exia R2 in a heated battle until the 0 Gundam is destroyed.

Ali Al Saachez

Ali Al-Saachez is a major antagonist of the series, and the former cell leader of the KPSA terrorist group in which Setsuna was a former member. Generally a sadistic sociopath, Ali merely fights to appease his insatiable appetite for conflict and destruction, adapting various aliases to work for any party that feeds his desire for more conflict. In spite of his brutish nature, Ali has proven himself to be an extremely skilled tactician with fighting abilities that border on being superhuman, and routinely fights the Gundams to a standstill before gaining his own advantage. Eventually, he manages to steal the Gundam Throne Zwei while killing two of the three Trinity Siblings. However the machine is soon destroyed after Ali's fight with Neil Dylandy. Barely surviving with most of his body damaged, Ali managed to recover and now works for the Innovators, piloting the Arche Gundam. He is killed by Lyle Dylandy in episode 24 of season 2.

Graham Aker

Graham Aker is an antagonist of the series and is often considered the archrival of Setsuna F Seiei. Prior to the series, he joined the military to live his dream of flying and became an ace pilot. However, a freak accident resulting in the death of a superior officer and his sudden promotion made Graham a victim of rumors. When Celestial Being makes its appearance in the world, Graham is promoted to Captain of the Over Flags. Though he originally had a love for the Gundams, the actions of Team Trinity causes Graham's feelings to exceed into utter hatred. In the final moments of Operation Fallen Angels, Graham uses the GN Flag to attack Setsuna, exchanging blows and clashing ideals with him before the battle ends with Graham receiving scars on the right side of his face. Four years later, Graham dons a mask to cover the scars and becomes a member of the newly formed A-Laws under the alias of Mr. Bushido . Possessing a one-man army pass, Graham was given special permission to do as he wishes during battles, preferring to battle Setsuna. Graham is the Union's ace pilot and follows a strict code of honor. With a skill unmatched by any Flag pilot, Graham is eager to find an opponent worthy to fight. When Gundam Exia first appeared in the AEU exhibition and destroyed their new unit, the Enact, he grew completely interested in the Gundam's capabilities, as Billy Katagiri notes, he's "quite infatuated" to the Gundams. After losing to Setsuna, who spared him, Graham takes Sestuna's words to live to heart while he was contemplating seppuku. In the end of series, he is standing back of door watching Billy work

Gundams, Season One

GN-001 Exia

Gundam Exia is the second Gundam to appear in the series as it overpowers and destroys the AEU's latest mobile suit, the Enact, during a public demonstration of the Enact's capabilities. Designed for melee combat, Exia's primary weapon is a massive metal blade mounted on its right forearm, which can be folded down to reveal a beam gun. Additional handheld swords, beam blades, and shield compliment Exia's armament. While the Exia is in battle with the Ali Al-Saachez piloting the stolen Gundam Throne Zwei, the death of Aeolia Schenberg triggers a system trap and activates Exia's Trans-Am system and releases the Gundam's full potential. During the battle at Lagrange point 1, Exia is severely damaged during its confrontation with Graham Aker in an upgraded Flag, the GN-Flag, and left drifting in space. The partially repaired Exia makes a short appearance during the first episode of the second series. Although it could stand its ground against the GN-XIII, it was no match for the newer Ahead. Celestial Being recovers the Exia after its battle at the Proud colony and installs the Exia's GN Drive on the 00 Gundam.

GN-002 Dynames

GN-002 Gundam Dynames is one of the protagonist units of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The Dynames main weapon is the GN Sniper Rifle, a long-barreled beam rifle which is used during standard sniping missions. For close combat, the Dynames has a pair of GN Beam Pistols mounted on its lower legs as well as two GN beam sabers stored at either side of the movable rear thrusters. Other standard armament include a small GN Shield, secured upon the rotatable shoulder dock opposite the sniper rifle and the mantle-like GN Full-Shield which consists of two shoulder-docked shield extensions that offer varying degrees of frontal protection. The GN Full Shield can be controlled by Haro at the pilot's request. Dynames also houses 24 GN missiles launched from behind the frontal knee and skirt armor for dealing with multiple enemies. Its most powerful weapon however is the GN Extreme Long Range Sniper Rifle, an optional stationary armament capable of targeting and sniping targets in planetary orbit. Though never activated in the series, had the Trans-Am System been enabled, it would have boosted Dynames's specs to three times the normal amount and its acceleration would have caused afterimages to appear.

GN-003 Kyrios

One of the protagonist units of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The GN-003 Kyrios is a high-mobility suit that can transform into a jet-fighter mobile armor mode. Its accelerative capacity far outstrips most mobile suits, lending a strong advantage in hit-and-run tactics. The optional weapons container used with its flight mode can be armed for support. To accommodate for flight mode, all limbs and armor are to some extent variable; the unit's hip and ankle joints are fully rotatable, and the head and forearms can be retracted. Kyrios' primary weapons are a two-barreled GN beam submachine gun (operable in both flight and mobile suit modes) and a shield that sports a pincer claw to seize enemy mobile suits as well as a retractable heat blade. Two GN Beam Sabers are also stored in the hips for melee combat. Optional armaments include a pair of 3-tube GN missile launchers mounted on the arms and one of two detachable tail units mounted onto the aft of Kyrios' flight mode; one with multiple GN missile tubes for bombing runs, the other with a pair of GN cannons and additional thrusters for increased speed. Kyrios also has the ability to use a GN-Field, which is used during episode 15 of the first season, though the barrier is not as large to that of Virtue's. During Trans-Am the unit's speed is boosted around 3 times allowing the unit moves so fast that it produces after images.

GN-005 Virtue

One of the protagonist units of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the GN-005 Virtue boasts sufficient firepower to independently annihilate numerically superior forces. Its primary weapon is the GN Bazooka, an energy cannon that fires massive blasts capable of destroying multiple enemy mobile suits in a single shot. Due to the GN Bazooka's slow rate of fire, the Virtue is also equipped with a pair of shoulder mounted, double barreled GN Cannons and a pair of GN beam sabers (the latter are rarely used however as the Virtue's heavy armor plating severely limits its speed and maneuverability in melee combat). A spherical GN particle barrier can also be generated from specialized projectors mounted along Virtue's chassis for added defense or other applications such as weight reduction during shutdown for ease of transportation with constant generator activity When the Trans-Am System is activated, the charging time of Virtue's GN Bazooka is drastically lowered and the shot becomes stronger. In emergency circumstances, the bulky armor of the Virtue is removable and can be ejected during battle to convert into an alternate high-mobility mode, GN-004 Nadleeh.

Gundams, Season 2

GN-0000 00 Gundam

The GN-0000 00 Gundam is the successor unit to the GN-001 Gundam Exia. As one of Celestial Being's 4th Generation Mobile Suits, the "00" (pronounced Double-O) possesses many of the previous generations' standard features, including the GN Drive and Trans-Am System, but also introduces the revolutionary "Twin Drive System", a cutting-edge GN technology originally conceived by Aeolia Schenberg himself. The system uses two GN Drives with compatible GN particle production as the basis for the system's operation, with their productive synergy, the amount of particles the two drives can produce is squared. The utilization of synchronized GN Drives can create awesome power, but was never successfully developed until now. 00's synchronized Twin Drive System allows 00 for high speed combat and immediate GN Field generation, as well as increased particle output. The power output is so high that it can bend GN energy at a focal direction and push back or block beam shots. Despite the combination of Exia's and 0 Gundam's GN Drives generating the highest synchronization rates, the system was still unable to cross the system stabilization threshold until Setsuna took a chance and activated the Trans-Am System on the 00 which risked a system overload or even the unit's self-destruction. The 00 was finally completed at Lagrange 3 when the GNR-010 0-Raiser was combined with the 00 to form the 00 Raiser. When it utilizes its Trans-Am System, it actually surpasses its theoretical limits, with the massive GN particle output acting as a catalyst for thought-based communication. Trans Am works conjunction with 00’s Twin Drive System, allowing 00 to utilize GN energy at unstable levels. 00 Gundam’s Trans-Am system is capable of generating GN particle output to 2nd power. Due to the experimental design of the Twin Drive System, Trans Am can destabilize the synchronizing process of the GN Drives and/or overwhelm the MS frame and cause an overload, the worse case scenario being the self-destruction of the GN Drives. It was because of such mechanical concerns that Trans-Am was highly recommended not to be used until the system complications are corrected. Ultimately 00 Gundam's technical complications couldn't be corrected without the addition of new equipment. The solution(s) to 00 Gundam's Trans-Am system came in the form of energy stabilizer equipment, built onto 0 Raiser.

An additional feature of 00-Raiser in Trans-Am is quantization, a feature which allows 00 Raiser to flank its enemy targets through instant shift in location. Its properties weren't ever clearly defined and it's often theorized as a form of short range spatial teleportation. In dire situations when an enemy target is about to fatally hit 00 Raiser, the Gundam is capable of instantly jumping away and flank its enemy's position (usually several meters from behind or side). Quantization itself leaves a particle shadow of 00 Raiser, fooling the enemy of a false victorious blow. The maneuver often leaves the opponent confused and distracted long enough for 00 Raiser to do serious damage and/or defeating its enemy targets.

When Trans-Am is activated with the 0-Raiser equipped, GN particles would burst concentrated particles within a limited circumference of 00 Raiser. At times, a 00 (signifying 00 and infinity) can be seen when the system is activated. Through the power of synchronized GN Drive Trans-Am power, supernatural-like abilities are given to both 00 Raiser and its pilots. The surrounding battlefield encircling 00 Raiser would give the pilot(s) and its enemy targets the ability to read the thoughts and intentions of others in a limited area. This gives the pilot(s) to temporarily detect and communicate with people around each other telepathically. Multiple exposures to such high grade particles can lead to innovation.

The 00 Gundam also has a hidden on-board system, the Trans-AM BURST, which activates only when the pilot is a pure innovator and couples with the GN-Drives releases a large amount of pure GN Particles. Trans-Am Burst super accelerates particle generation and floods a large area of space with concentrated GN particles in a green rainbow-like hue. The particles it generates has a similar effect to Trans-Am Raiser. Those within the particle cloud will have temporary telepathic communication at an extended period of time, relative to particle density in space. The system expands human consciousness (Setsuna's will) through purified GN particles that has the ability to disrupt quantum brainwaves of Innovades, repel nearby mobile suits, and distract enemy combatants as one large bursting energy wave. As a health benefit people afflicted with GN particle poisoning will be relieved of their symptoms and/or healed as a result of it. Also, according to the SD 00 Raiser model kit, the 00 Raiser could transform into 2 alternate modes. The first was Bird Mode, which was most likely an homage to the Wing Gundam and its Bird Mode. The middle section of the 0-Raiser faced in the opposite direction on the 00's back, the wings attached to the 00 Gundan's back in the opposite direction of the 0-Raiser, and the GN Shield II were back on the 00's GN Drives. The second form was Fighter mode, where the wings of the 0-Raiser attached to the underarms of the 00, Allowing it to use the wings for firing beams and possibly melee Combat. Neither of these modes were used in the series. 00 Gundam is capable of generating its own GN Field, created directly from the twin GN drives. The shoulder mounted GN Drives can make a 180 degree face-forward-turn that can create a barrier-like wall of GN particles. The field wall is generated by the swirling GN particles directly from the GN Drives. 00 can generate a traditional full sphere particle GN Field, depending on the combat situation.

The 00's weapons consist of seven different bladed weapons - an implied extension of the Exia's Seven Sword System. The weapons consist of two GN-Sword IIs, two GN Beam Sabers, two attachable GN Shields that can function as Katara-like weapon, and later a GN Sword III, an upgraded version of the GN Sword of Gundam Exia. It has 3 modes: A standard mode where the sword is simply folded up, Rifle mode, in which the sword is folded and a rifle extends from the front, and Sword mode, which has the sword fully extended and with another rifle mounted above the blade. The edge of the sword is made from the same material that was derived from the material inside the GN Condensers that was first used in the GN-0000/7S 00 Gundam Seven Swords' GN Katars. However, the design has since been perfected, and as a result the cutting edge is so hot and sharp that even getting within several feet of the blade will cause a Mobile Suit's armor to start melting.


GN-006 Cherudim

GN-002 Gundam Dynames successor, which like the Dynames can use a Sniper Mode, by exposing a forehead scope used specifically with a rifle-like control device within the cockpit. The cockpit also contains a customized dock for Lockon's orange Haro. The Cherudim is equipped with a dedicated precision targeting camera located in its head, above the V-Fin, similar to Dynames. In addition, during Trans-Am it deploys a HoloScreen, a targeting unit stored in the backpack which is used to boost Cherudim's accuracy by increasing the speed at which it processes targeting information. The Cherudim's primary armament is its GN Sniper Rifle II, which is stored on the right shoulder. Folded in half for storage, it can be used in this configuration as a short-to-medium-range three-barrel Vulcan gun. Its other main weapons are its GN Beam Pistol IIs stored in its backpack. Unlike the Dynames, the Cherudim is not equipped with Beam Sabers. However, The GN Beam Pistol II can serve as its melee weapon, sporting an anti-beam coating capable of blocking enemy beam sabers and can be used as an axe. The 4 GN Micro Missile Pods that make up the front skirt armor house 8 GN Micro Missiles that are identical to those used by the 0 Raiser. Finally, the Cherudim is equipped with the Shield Bit system which allows all nine GN Shield Bits, two of which are mounted to the left shoulder as a shield, another two on the knees and the others mounted around the GN Drive on its rear waist to be remotely controlled and used for defensive purposes, though they also store a beam gun for offense as well similar to the Throne-Zwei's GN Fangs. Four Shield Bits can combine into one in order to emit a more powerful beam.

GN-007 Arios


Arios is the successor unit to the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and similarly can transform into a mobile armor. The Arios is equipped with two dual-barreled GN Beam Rifles which can rapidly fire beam shots. Also attached to each of the unit's wrists are a pair of small GN submachine guns which can fire at the same rate as the Arios's GN Beam Rifle. A pair of beam sabers are also attached to the lower part of the unit's legs and can slice through a GNX-XIII's GN-rifle/lance with ease. Its prow called the GN Beam Shield while in the mobile armor mode can be used as a claw similar to the GN-Heat Blade/Shield of Kyrios and can also be used defensively in MS mode using a defence mechanism that's different from GN-Fields though its never seen being used defensively in the anime. Optional armaments include the GNR-101A GN Archer, which combines with the Arios in mobile armor mode to form the Archer Arios. When the Trans-Am system is activated, the Arios's speed is boosted 3 times, giving it speed fast enough to produce afterimages.

GN-008 Seravee

Successor to the GN-005 Gundam Virtue that carries over the heavy armament concept and the Trans-Am System. Like the Virtue, it wields four cannons, though they are slimmer. Said cannons are placed in pairs at the knees and on the back of the unit, and a pair of GN-Bazookas. They can also be attached onto the two cannons at the back which can then fire a charged high-density, compressed blast known as "Buster Cannon". The combined form of the GN-Bazookas is called "Double Bazooka", and can also switch to Burst mode to fire a more powerful shot. If it is fired together with the four cannons it is known as "Hyper Bazooka". Attaching the Double Bazooka onto the right cannon at the back will form the "Double Bazooka Cannon", while switching to Burst mode will become "Double Bazooka Buster Cannon". It is also equipped with a pair of GN-Beam sabers which are attached to the wrists of the unit. The two knee-mounted cannons and the two shoulder cannons hide a pair of hands, which can be equipped with beam sabers. There is a torso-sized head that resembles a Gundam's on the back of the Seravee, it is a GN Particle emitter and rear view camera, which generates GN Fields when the V-fins split to expose the eyes (known as Face Burst mode), which is actually the Seraphim Gundam. The GN Field produced by it can also be used to focus a powerful cohesive blast, using the four smaller cannons, at the front. While Trans-Am is activated, the GN-Particle output is increased to thrice its normal amount. The Seravee is also equipped with the "Seraphim System" which is actually the torso-sized head and shoulder cannons of the Seravee, which separates from the main unit and transforms, becoming the Seraphim Gundam.

Awakening of the Trailblazer Mobile Suits

Gundam 00 Quan[T]

00 Qan[T] is the latest prototype designed by Celestial Being. Its blueprint originated from Innovators and was sent over from Level-7 by Veda/Tieria. The unit’s design is a compilation of GNY-001 Gundam Astraea, GN-001 Gundam Exia, and GN-0000 00 Gundam. As the successor to GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, 00 Qan[T] contains an upgraded Twin Drive System and the new Quantum System. The end result from a fusion of all these previous innovations makes the 00 Qan[T] a highly advanced machine designed specifically for an Innovator. It possesses two newly created GN Drives for its Twin Drive System; these solar furnaces are located on its back and underneath the shield near the left shoulder.

Utilizing the Quantum System, the combat capabilities of the 00 Qan[T] is believed to surpass all of the previous Gundams fielded by Celestial Being. It uses a refined Twin Drive System, alongside a powerful new utility known as the Quantum System. Being a highly advanced unit that was custom-made for Setsuna, 00 Qan[t] possesses a newly created GN Drive, created to replace the one that was lost during the final battle with the Innovators. Its two solar furnaces are located on its back and underneath the shield near the left shoulder.The shield can also swing to the rear of the unit and make the two GN Drives physically connect with each other, optimizing the unit's Quantum system.

00 Qan[T]’s primary weapon is the GN Sword IV, a dual functioning weapon that functions both as a gun and sword. Its blade is composed completely of the same material that GN Condensers are made of, and can be used in conjunction with the sword bits to form a buster sword. A GN Shield is attached the left shoulder, which is the hard point for the 6 GN Sword Bits, alongside a particle cannon for increased offensive capabilities.

In addition to the GN Sword IV, the 00 Qan[t] has access to three types of sword bits. The large bits are mounted to the lower interior of the shield and possess a powerful interface with the pilot, allowing for them to act as highly effective missiles. The bits mounted on the lower exterior of the shield are longer variants that can function as handheld daggers. These bits possess beam weapons to extend their usefulness. The smaller bits mounted at the top of the shield and serve the same function as the bits mounted on the shield's interior, although they lack beam weaponry. 

The sword bits can dock to to the GN Sword IV to form a powerful buster sword, which doubles as a massive particle cannon. In addition, the bits can also deploy a GN Field when positioned together, and form a portal for the 00 Qan[T] to quantize through.

Gundam Zabanya

Zabanya's design is based on the technical and combat data of GN-006GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R. Cherudim's damage in its final battle was far too extensive to restore, rebuilding was only feasible through developing a newly enhanced variant.

Zabanya is a departure from its lineage as a long-range sniper, placing more emphasis on artillery but still retaining its long-range capability. Though Zabanya retains Dynames' and Cherudim's forehead ocular scope for unrivaled long-range targeting, duplicate targeting sensors were built onto its legs and shoulders for greater accuracy and efficiency in combat. Weapons-wise, GN Micro-Missiles are laced throughout its armor and the GN Holster Bits contain GN Rifle Bits within them. Following the trend of multi-purpose functions for its weapons, Zabanya's GN Rifle Bits and GN Holster Bits can be coordinated for several purposes.

The GN Holster Bits are the ten green shield-like containers mounted on the Zabanya's rear thruster blocks. They're attached to Zabanya with a docking-clamp system and the bits interlocked with each other as a solid wall-shield to its sides. They are used for storing and re-configuring the mode of use for the GN Rifle Bits II/GN Pistol Bits, allowing the pilot to adapt the weapons for specific combat situations before they leave the GN Holster Bits. The GN Holster Bits also possesses the ability to act as GN Shield Bits, although it has not been clarified at this point of time whether they have to combine in pairs or whether it can be done with each individual Holster Bit by itself. For dynamic shielding, the bits can detach and combine into pairs to protect Zabanya. When facing superior numbers Zabanya can unleash the GN Rifle Bits from within, allowing Zabanya to fight off multiple targets at the same time. The Rifle Bits also double as GN Pistol Bits; nearly half the barrel can be detached for quick-action shooting.

At least ten GN Rifle Bit IIs are stored within the GN Holster Bits, mounted on Zabanya's rear thruster block. When facing superior numbers, Zabanya can use the rifles as either handheld rifles or remote weapons. It appears that the remote weapons can also be mounted on the shoulders when not in use. The weapon can also act as a pistol with a shorter barrel and is named GN Pistol Bit in this form, with the scope and grip hidden. The pilot has the choice of choosing between either a pistol or a rifle (via the inclusion/exclusion of the extension) before the weapon exits the Holster Bit. The white section on the underside of the barrel is presumed to be a GN Blade that allows Zabanya to use the GN Pistol Bits as close combat weapons, similar to Cherudim's GN Pistol IIs. 

Zabanya's predecessors, Dynames and Cherudim, utilized a single Orange Haro for managing Sniper Mode and Bit Control System, but because of the complexity of managing both the Rifle and Holster Bits along with Zabanya's systems, a second Haro port was installed into Zabanya's cockpit. A blue-colored Haro now co-processes the data with its orange counterpart to allow Lockon to effectively pilot Zabanya.

Gundam Harute

Gundam Harute is successor unit to Arios Gundam, featured in the movie. The unit is piloted by Allelujah Haptism.

Harute's overall design is derived from the combined technical and combat data of GN-007 Arios Gundam and GNR-101A GN Archer. CB engineers originally intended to create a third generation Gundam from the technical data of GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie; MS development was stopped in favor for a hypersonic transformable unit, Arios Gundam. Due to the need for combat support units to endure harsher engagements, CB engineers redeveloped the halted design and created the GNR-101A GN Archer. To fulfill its original intended purpose as a Gundam, CB engineers once again revisited the GN Archer design; utilizing the data of GN-007+GNR-101A Archer Arios and GNR-010/XN XN Raiser to create Gundam Harute; Harute utilizes the best aspects of the mobile weapons as a single transformable space combat MS.

Harute's fighter form is developed from GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and GN-007 + GNR-101A Archer Arios. The top and side boosters are derived from GNR-101A GN Archer, the rear tail unit container from Kyrios, and the forward section from Arios. Harute's design is a departure from Kyrios and Arios. The previous two generations were designed to be high speed attack fighters, adapted for primarily atmospheric combat; Harute, however, is designed to be a zero-gravity fighter, similar to a star fighter. As such, Harute has a less aerodynamic design than its predecessors. While appearing less streamlined, Harute in reality can achieve greater speeds. Four large verniers from the GN Archer act as its primary means of propulsion, capable of a large burst of particle charged speed; its unclear whether or not Harute's abilities would be hindered if it would enter combat on Earth or Harute's equipment needs to be changed depending on the mission.

Like Arios, the forward section of Harute possesses a large pincer/scissor used to cut down enemy units. The weapon has since been enhanced and simplified with new generation GN blades, similar to 00's GN Sword III. Arios' weapon originally had to grab its target before it can discharge energy to snap its target in two. Harute's forward weapon is designed for ramming and cutting through targets. A wedge was made in the front of the weapon, allowing Harute to ram/cut through targets without opening its cutters; the cutters will be deployed upon tougher targets. Because the cutters are now physical blades, there's no delay in the action. It makes the weapon energy efficient and effectively used in combat.

A new capacity installed in Harute changes the unit's photosensors from green to red, revealing a total of four concealed sensors under the conventional two. Nothing is known about the capabilities of this system as of yet.

Gundam Raphael

Raphael is the product combination between Innovators and Celestial Being MS technology, produced by Tiera for his own personal use. Technical and combat data from GNZ-003 Gadessa and GN-008GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B were used as a basis, resulting in a hybrid heavy assault unit. Raphael is a departure from its predecessors, as it is the first heavy assault Gundam without heavy body armor. This allows the unit greater mobility and flexibility in combat, although its defensive capabilites have been reduced. The MS frame was rebuilt from the Innovators' leftover materials and parts from Seravee. Therefore, its overall appearance has aesthetic elements from the GNZ-series and Seravee Gundam. Raphael is capable of extreme firepower and its backpack possess a hidden secondary form, similar to GN-008 Seravee Gundam.

The backpack components atop of Raphael are inspired from GNR-001 GN Arms. Attached to the backpack are a pair of enhanced GN Bazookas (from Seravee's GN Bazooka IIs) and detachable remote controlled GN Cannons. Built into each cannon is a smaller version of the GN Engines used by Ptolemy, suggesting the remote cannons have great speed and range. The cannons can fly off to remotely shoot down a target or physically be used to crush or push away enemy targets. Raphael's head crown still retains the horn-like design from GN-008 Seravee. It also has a green ocular sensor scope on its forehead, which is a new targeting sensor derived from Gadessa (and possibly from Cherudim).

Raphael is much like its predecessors, which were all high particle consuming Gundams. As such, Raphael contains a unique particle processing system, designed to process GN Particles of two different GN Drives. Like Seraphim attached to Seravee, the GN Drive is installed within the backpack of Raphael. When connected with Raphael, the unit processes green GN Particles for power. When detached, Raphael switches to its GN T Drive to process red/orange GN particles for power. This was done because Raphael needs a large supply of GN Particles and a particle storage tank and/or GN Condensers wouldn't be enough to keep the Gundam powered in combat. It was realized that a second GN Drive would be needed and without a original GN Drive available, it was decided to install a GN Drive Tau to supplement Raphael. This would allow Raphael to operate at a limited period without the need to dock with its backpack.


Successor to both the GN-X and the discontinued Ahead series, its physical form retains much from its predecessors. Although the Ahead series was different from the regular series, the GN Thrusters design was incorporated into the new series; every GN-XIV has built-in GN Thrusters on the back of the shoulders for greater speed and maneuverability. The GN-XIV's MS shoulders and arms can be equipped with different equipment, depending on the desired role. Due to the incorporation of new advanced technology from the Innovators faction, the performance of the GN-X IV has become very powerful despite being a mass production model and can now rival that of a main force machine such as the Gundams. In conjunction to this, its also has been equiped with the Trans-Am System.

GNX-Y903VS Brave

The new unit is a next generation Flag, installed with the latest in Federation-developed GN-tech. The GN Flag II's design and techology is strongly based on a combination of the Union's Flag series, GNX-Y901TW Susanowo, and technology based on the GNX series. Following the lineage of the Flag series, the GN Flag II is a transformable aerial combat unit; this custom built unit is adapted for space combat. The unit will utilize a beam rifle in place of a linear rifle, and retains the flag's capacbilities to transform at high speeds. The Commander Type Brave possesses two GN Drive Taus, although it is not known if the unit will have a functional Twin Drive system.

GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza

GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza is a mobile armor designed and built by the ESF. It is piloted by Descartes Shaman. The Gadelaza is a large mobile armor developed from the GNMA-0001V Regnant, specifically designed to be piloted by a True Innovator. The Innovator's quantum brainwaves allow the pilot to interface directly with the machine and delegate commands, resulting in quicker responses and less dependency on physical multi-tasking. The Gadelaza's engines have been shown to produce a continuous stream of GN Particle rings, similar to the Exia's GN Drive Burst; what this indicates is unknown at this point. The Gadelaza's full capabilities have yet to be fully explored, other than that it utilizes GN Fang-like weapons and a GN Beam Cannon for combat. With an overall length of more than 300 meters, it even longer than the original Ptolemaios. Furthermore, its fangs have been described as having the size and combat capabilities as an average mobile suit.

The Solar Energy Generation System/Orbital Elevators

Necessitated under high-level energy consumption as a renewable alternative to the dwindling fossil fuel supplies, the Orbital Elevator System, is a megastructure originally planned by Aeolia Schenberg in 2090 to function in the combined capacity of a space elevator and a solar power satellite. It is comprised of two geostationary rings, equidistantly supported at 10 and 40 thousand kilometers above the equator by three 50-thousand-kilometer-high compressive elevator towers that terminate in ballast satellites. The top ring is lined with a photovoltaic array, and the towers act to carry the energy it supplies to the surface. The whole of the construct is shielded from meteoroids, space debris, corrosion, weathering, geomagnetic storms, radiation (from the Van Allen belt or otherwise), and assorted other deteriorative agents with the use of a physical energy barrier. It is defended by the collective military forces of the nations invested in its function.

Presently used for civilian space tourism, the elevators also act as a stepping stone to the ongoing international pursuit of space colonization. The progress upon this endeavor is unspecified, and currently there are only a handful of colonies, including Celestial Being's Krung Thep and the Human Reform League's Quanqiu. The Union also maintains a colony, and the AEU, while lagging behind in colony development, is financing both the Reform League and the Union in their respective development projects.

The three dominant supranational powers responsible for system's construction and operation - the Union, the Human Reform League, and the AEU - have presently imposed a global boycott of fossil fuels so to better monopolize the energy distribution market. They are each located in South America, Africa, and on top of the Pacific Ocean.

Engineering theory behind the Orbital Elevators and Solar Energy Generation Platform- Microsoft 2003 Word Document

Mobile Suit Technologies and notable units

By definition, a mobile suit is a multipurpose humanoid vehicle deployable for use as an AFV in mechanized maneuver warfare. Originally designed for construction-related purposes and the handling of heavy cargo. Aeolia Schenberg is credited for devising the technology as an accessory to the Orbital Elevator System.

Beam technology within Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has yet to come into conventional use. The Gundams are the first line of mobile suits to practically employ beam-based firearms and melee weapons on the battlefield. Standard mobile unit projectile weapons continue to be of the physical round variety. Generic beam composition is unknown as of this time, but it is supposed that the Gundams utilize GN particles.

E-Carbon is an artificial allotrope of carbon, employed as the armor material of numerous recent-make conventional mobile units. Said to be one of the newest and strongest materials available.

Solar energy mobile suits are designed to take advantage of the energy provided by the orbital elevators. It is mentioned in the novel version that these Mobile suits can receive energy directly from the orbital elevators by means of radio wave. The AEU Enact is one such unit.

SVMS-01 Union Flag

The SVMS-01 Union Flag is a transformable mobile suit used by the Union. In the hands of skilled pilots, such as Graham Aker, the Flag can transform between flight and mobile suit modes in mid-air. When the Anti-Gundam Investigative Unit is formed, Graham's Flag is upgraded by Ralph Aifman so that it can combat the Gundams by increasing its speed, improving its armor, and adding an anti-beam coating. As the Anti-Gundam Investigative Unit is renamed to Overflags and expanded into an entire squadron, more Flags where similarly upgraded.

GNX-Y901IT Susanowo

First appearing in episode 21, the Susanowo is an upgraded version of the Masurao (a unit based on the design of the Overflag combined with the Federation's GN-Technology). The red components in the color scheme have been changed to white ones, which makes the Masurao look more like an Overflag than before. Instead of twin beam katanas, the Susanowo now wields a pair of reinforced gn sabers (one is called 'Shiranui' on its left hand and other is called 'Unryu' on its right hand), and they can be combined into a double-sword called 'Souten'. The Susanowo also has a GN Beam Cannon mounted in its torso that fires bursts much like Seravee's Hyper Burst bazooka for long range combat.

GN Science

In the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 universe, the organization known as Celestial Being has pioneered a systemization of the engineering and physics behind the GN Drive and its byproduct GN particles. Initially exclusive only to Celestial Being, the technology is commonplace in the narrative. According to the Mobile Suit Gundam 00P side-story, GN stands for Gundam Nucleus.

Although derived from a different source, GN particles share their effect and primary usage with Universal Century timeline Minovsky particles. GN Particles are used for a variety of uses -- as part of an electromagnetic stealth measure; in a physical barrier system, for use in such circumstances as atmospheric reentry; as a propellant for the GN Vernier; and as a coat that improves the cutting ability of physical blades. All Gundams use the GN Drives.

Full Paper on the Physics behind the GN Drive- Microsoft 2003 Word Document

GN Drive

Referred to as a "solar reactor", or sometimes Solar Furnace. A GN Drive is a semi-perpetual generator that outputs GN Particles, developed as a mobile weapon power source by Celestial Being. Though there is a finite energy output per unit time, the absence of a limit to its functional life translates to an effectively inexhaustible supply of energy. Owing to the unique heatlessness of its activity and the special properties of its byproduct GN particles, device operation is virtually invisible to such methods of detection as IRST or conventional radar. These drives are used in conjunction with a TD Blanket, a special filter used in true GN Drives. These unique components not only provide filtering to the GN Drives and prevents the GN Particles from damaging cellular organisms, but also give the GN Drives' their near-infinite energy production capability. This component also prevents other factions from creating true GN Drives of their own, as the TD Blanket can only be manufactured in a location of high atmospheric pressure such as the upper gaseous atmosphere of Jupiter, where the GN Drives were first manufactured. It harnesses the photon and positron discharge of the non-evaporative decay of baryonic matter as an energy source. GN particles are not used in the process of energy production.

  • The full power of the 00 Raiser becomes apparent once it releases a high density ring of GN particles. The semi-perpectual nature of the GN Drive allows it to produce power over a longer period.

GN Drive Tau

GN Drive Tau are known as pseudo-solar reactors and/or pseudo-solar furnaces, generally known as GN Drive [T]. GN Drive Taus are poor imitations to real GN Drives and incapable of semi-perpetual energy generation or storage because they lack TD Blankets, a component relevant to GN particle generation and utilization. An "imitation" GN Drive. The data used to create Tau Drives came from an expedition to Jupiter where a Haro terminal (later known as the purple Haro that accompanied Team Trinity) was found, which contained data. The Tau Drives were used initially by Team Trinity's Gundam Thrones and later by the three superpowers and eventually the Federation Army and A-Laws. Though functionally similar, Tau Drives lack the TD Blanket component of a true GN Drive. As a result, a GN Drive Tau lacks the self-sustaining perpetual engine capability of a true GN Drive. Unlike the Gundams, which are capable of unlimited operation, any unit equipped with a Tau Drive must periodically shut down and recharge. The particle coloration of a Tau Drive varies from red to gold, unlike the blue-green coloration given off by true GN Drives. High densities of particles given off by Tau Drives have the side-effect of preventing cellular regeneration, an available medical practice of the time. Eventually, the particles' effects will become fatal to a victim. The Innovators have medication that can suppress the Tau particles, but the high density GN particles produced by the Twin Drive can negate and even reverse the effects.

  • An Ahead equipped with a GN[Tau] Drive. Unlike the original GN Drive, GN[Tau] drives must recharge periodically, as they require an electric current to continue running. In the four year time-span between seaosn one and two, the latest GN[Tau] drives have more or less overcome the problem of toxic GN particles and some of the limitations associated with the pseudo-drives.

GN Particles

GN Particles are light particles given out by GN Drives. The Gundam with original GN Drives gives out bluish-green particles whereas others such as the Gundam Thrones and the GN-X series mobile suits gives out red GN Particles. GN Particles can cause result in telepathic attributes when one is exposed to a high concentration; Veda humanoid interfaces such as Tieria Erde and the Innovators are confirmed to be able to communicate with each other or connect with Veda through GN particles. Although the link has not yet been firmly established, quantum brain waves used by HRL supersoldiers can be influenced by GN particles. Furthermore, a near-psychic connection can be established with a high concentration of GN particles. Humans exposed to high quantities and/or concentrations of GN particles are known to have developed supernatural capabilities. While ultra high concentrations can hurt and/or kill a human being (Chall Acustica, Ruido Resonance, Marlene Vlady), concentrated particles to a certain extent can stimulate the evolution of quantum brainwaves (Setsuna F. Seiei). The full extent of the physical changes to the human condition is undefined, but those who are exposed can temporarily detect and/or project the thoughts, feelings, and intentions to other people in a limited area of space (from the source of high GN particles as origin point). It's unclear if quantum brainwave evolution a one-time development or capable for anyone through prolong GN particle exposure. Only the power of Trans-Am Riser is capable of creating such a phenomena. When Setsuna F. Seiei activated the Trans-Am system on his 00 Raiser, the concentration was high enough for him and Saji Crossroad to enter a semi-reality mental dimension, where they were able to hear the "voices" of those in the area. High levels of GN particles have also shown regenerative properties that can even reverse cellular damage caused by GN Tau particles, which cannot be treated by any known medical practices. In extreme cases, prolonged exposure to high concentrations of GN particles causes human beings to undergo innovation, a transformation from a human into an innovator. Traits gained through innovation include quantum brainwaves and the digital rainbow due glowing eyes that are often attributed to innovators. Just as the GN Tau Drive used by the Gundam Thrones and GN-X models is an imperfect version of the true GN Drive, so are the GN Tau Particles imperfect versions of the true GN Particles. Generated by GN Tau Drives, they share most properties with GN Particles (including radio disruption, use in beam weaponry and propellant applications), but do not allow for enhancement of quantum brainwaves. The particles generated by the Tau Drives in 2308 can cause cellular damage when exposed to high concentrations, which cannot be repaired through 24th-century medical science. Louise Halevy's inability to regenerate her hand was caused by exposure to GN Tau Particles from Nena Trinity and her GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei, and it is possible that her current health conditions also stem from the cellular damage caused by the attack. Eventually, the effects of the Tau particles will become fatal to the victim. However, the effects can be suppressed. Also, the Twin Drive is able to slow and possibly reverse the effects of the Tau particles.

At its core, the GN Particles produced by the Tau Drives are essentially the same as the original's. The main difference in appearance and effects come in the compression rates and the treatment given to them. Since the Tau Drives have electrical consumptions concerns when producing particles, they produced less on average and can afford less on beams. In order to maximize their power, the GN particles undergo a special treatment which greatly improves their efficiency in beam weapons. However, a side effect of prolonged exposure is radiation poisoning when the subject is exposed to high concentrations of the particles - almost exclusively found in beams. The normal emissions of the Tau Drives in 2308 themselves are harmless.

By 2312 the GN Tau Drives have been improved and no longer produce the same hazardous radiation poisoning effects even in beam form.

GN Tau Particles are blood-red and black in color (Gundam Throne, Arche Gundam, GN-X). The GN Particles from the improved GN Drive Tau are orange (Alvaaron, Ahead, Gadessa, etc.).

Twin Drive System

The "Twin Drive System" is a 200 year old GN technology concept originally devised by Aeolia Schenberg, and currently in use exclusively in the 00 Gundam (although it was later stole by the Innovators later stole the data from Celestial Being and reversed engineered the design to work on the Reborns Gundam to uses two Tau Drives in a Twin Drive as well). The system utilizes two GN Drives with a synchronized GN particle production rate as the basis for the system's operation, which creates a synchronization of the topological defects in the two GN Drives. This ultimately produces a synergy in which the total output of both drives is squared (by coupling the drives' production).

The Twin Drive mechanism will not function with just any two GN Drives - each GN drive is unique in some way and these differences can prevent the system from reaching a stable level of synchronization (Even though GN Drives have been seen in different shapes and sizes, these differences are believed to be more than cosmetic as the inner mechanics of a GN Drive is unknown and have not been seen). Every combination of the drives from 0 Gundam, Kyrios, Dynames and Virtue failed to operate the system, and only the combination of the drives from Exia and 0 Gundam were able to reach a synchronization level that allowed the system to stabilize and power the Twin Drive System. However, even after stabilizing the system, the system itself was still very unstable and activating the Trans-Am System risked a system overload. It was only until the 0 Raiser was used in conjunction with the 00 that the system could be fully stabilized and the Trans-Am system made safe to use.

While Federation mobile weapons have been shown with more than one GN Drive Tau (the GNMA-XCVII Alvatore mobile armor had seven), they only operate in series so they lack the amplification effect of the Twin Drive system. The combined output of multiple GN Drive Tau's is merely the sum of the outputs of the individual drives rather than the square of the combined output shown in the Twin Drive System.

This produces a 'synergy' in which both drives' combined productivity is squared (by coupling the drives' production). The 0-Raiser can stabilize the twin drive system and it also amplifies the time limit for Trans-Am mode.When Trans-Am utilize the full potential of the Twin Drive System, GN particles scattered within the area creates a telepathic effect to those around them. Humans in close proximity will temporarily develop the ability to sense the minds and voices of other people. Those who understand how to take advantage of this benefit can anticipate the intentions and actions of others within a limited field area. Exposing to this concentration of GN particles for a long time will allow a person to permanently develop ability to use Quantum Brainwave (e.g. Setsuna).


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