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Gaming Trends

I'm predominantly a PC Gamer, so most of the titles here will be PC titles. As a developer, I understand the amount of effort that goes into the creation of a game, ranging from the game engine to the art and story. Resulting from this, some games are incredibly detailed, interesting and diverse. The games I have chosen are my personal favourites. I provide guides and tips to these games: these guides are designed to optimise some aspects of a game, although these are merely guidelines. From my experience, there is no "right" way to play a game.  


Gaming Music

Video game music has come a long way since the days of 8-bit tunes that looped endlessly in the back of a level; music is now composed in a similar manner as it is for theatrical films and anime, with well-known composers writing music for both video games and moveis. In the case of older games, the lietmotifs and theme songs have become iconic with the game itself, and oftentimes remain unchanged. Modern video games also have distinct pieces; for instance, the HALO theme is almost universally recognized.

I'd always thought of video game music as more of a background thing that was there to ensure that games were not silent; the earliest games I played include Super Mario All-Stars and Donkey Kong Country for SNES, as well as Sim City 2000 for PC. This music was not avalible for consumption outside of the game itself; it was not until recently that most video games release a standalone OST for their music. My earliest experiences with game music date back to the HALO Mjolnir Mix, which a friend sent me. From that point onwards, I've been collecting music to a wide range of video games, including HALO, World of Warcraft, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed, to name a few.

Similar to what I've presented for the anime music, I've put together several YouTube playlists that represent my favourite scores from video games. The Ragnarok Online link leads to a direct download for the Memories of Ragnarok Soundtrack. YouTube playlists aren't as stable as I would have normally liked, so if there are any broken playlists, please drop me a message either in the guestbook or on Facebook, and I'll look into repairing the playlist as quickly as I can. Otherwise, please enjoy the music! 

Novel Games

Personal Favourites


Novel Games is a Hong Kong based company that specializes in the creation of high quality, non-violent Flash games. The games are varied and range from remakes of old Atari games to original titles; there are over 260 games offered to date. This site was originally created so I would have a quiet, low-key environment to play some of these games in before messing around with some of the more arrogant players who spammed the high score tables >_<

I have linked to four of my all time favourite games above: these were games that I played almost on a nightly basis several years ago. Christmas game is about delivering gifts to houses on Christmas Eve. I play that game every year around Christmas to get in the festivities. Mars Lander is a Lunar Lander remake, and handles in the same manner, although it is far easier to control your lander. Snowman skiing requires that you build a snowman by collecting the various bits of a snowman, and Space Invaders is self-explanatory ^_^.

Several years ago, when I first made the advancement to Windows Vista, I found that the games lagged significantly, meaning players who ran Vista would be at a disadvantage. I reported the bug after profiling the games, and it was eventually resolved, allowing me to continue enjoying the site's games. Novel games has noted this: on April 15, 2008, I received a thank you from the site:

We have fixed a problem in the Small Flash Games where the game may lag periodically in some computers. Thanks to The Infinite Zenith for reporting and helping us test the problem. 

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