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Crysis is a science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek Frankfurt, published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, and released in November 2007. The game is based in a future where an ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered beneath the ground on an island near the coast of the East Philippines. The single-player campaign has the player assume the role of United States Delta Force operator Jake Dunn, referred to in-game by his call sign, Nomad. Nomad is armed with various futuristic weapons and equipment, most notably a "Nano Muscle Suit" which was inspired by a real-life military concept. In Crysis, the player fights both North Korean and extraterrestrial enemies, in various environments on and around a tropical island in the Pacific near Korea.

Personal Opinion

Crysis is a smartly designed shooter with graphics that gain a visual effects of awesome from TvTropes: the game looks photorealistic at times, whether it be watching a sunset over the Pacific Ocean or alien machines engage the US forces. While the gameplay is nothing revolutionary, the amount of flexibility makes anything from stealthy approaches to Stallone Rambo style firefights possible, which in turn means a great deal of replay value in that sense.

  • Crysis is a game that pushes the envelope in terms of both technology and gameplay and does so with flare. Crysis raises the expectations for every shooter to follow when it comes to graphics, interactivity, environments, immersiveness, AI, and gameplay. Quite simply, Crysis represents the first-person shooter at its finest, most evolved form.


The game begins in the year 2020 when North Korean forces led by General Kyong take control of the fictional Lingshan Islands. A group of American civilians led by Dr. Rosenthal send out a distress call indicating that they discovered something that could change the world. Nomad is a member of Raptor Team, a U.S. Army Special Forces unit that are sent to evacuate the civilians on the island. They perform a HALO jump onto one of the islands, but an unknown flying entity disrupts the jump and the team is separated. As they regroup, while fighting with the KPA, two members of the team are killed by an unknown entity and the team finds the hostages' boat frozen in the middle of the island. The first hostage the team rescues turns out to be a CIA spy who was monitoring Dr. Rosenthal's work. Nomad finds another hostage dead with ice shards in his back as the KPA battle the unknown entity. After Nomad regroups with Prophet, the unknown entity grabs Prophet and flies away.

  • Right after you land, take a quick glance at how nice the graphics look. However, don't waste any ammo shooting the palm trees down, and put silencers on your pistol. A little ways on, you'll run into the first two KPA soldiers in the game, and I suggest cloaking and beating them down silently. Save ammo for your FN SCAR: it's the best general purpose rifle in the game early on, but ammo for it is incredibly rare.

  • While you have a jamming array to take out, do stop and admire the first sunrise in the game. How you approach this part is up to you: you can either cloak and sneak down, or run in a la Rambo and shoot everything that moves. Be forewarned, the suit's armour mode is not anywhere near similar to the Master Chief's shields, so make good use of cover.

  • After you download the data, you can stop up here and enjoy a vista of the tropical island. See that destroyer? If you wander too far out, it'll annihilate you with missles. A shark will also come out and eat you if you swim to far out; check out Youtube for some videos and the screenshot below. However, it is possible to kill the shark with a few shotgun blasts.

  • You pick up the Precision Rifle and an assault scope in the second mission. Having an assault scope makes picking off enemies a little easier from a distance, as it offers 3x zoom. The next part involves a lot of firefights, which makes the assault scope a useful addition until you get the sniper scope.

  • Blast your way into the school to meet up with Psycho and the CIA agent. Be sure to pick up a missile launcher before taking on the KPA armour, as small arms fire and grenades are useless against tanks.

  • After the hostage is safe, you'll go for a hike and run into KPA. At this point, ditch the precision rifle and grab a shotgun. The numerous enemies you engage at close range will be much easier to manage, given the shotgun's good spread and stopping power at close range.

Nomad makes his way to Dr. Rosenthal who has found an artifact predating humanity by 2 million years that resembles the entity that has been attacking the team. The artifact then emits a massive negative temperature explosion that freezes Dr. Rosenthal. Nomad's Nanosuit is able to maintain his internal temperature.

  • Carefully make your way through the brush and pick of KAP units. On higher difficulties, running into the middle of the battlefield with your guns blazing will be met with failure: yes, the nanosiut is powerful, but not enough to let you shrug off hundreds of rounds without breaking a sweat.

  • You have a massive range of vehicles you can drive, ranging from patrol boats to regular pickup trucks. They are highly useful for covering large distances in short periods of time, but some vehicles have a soft spot that will explode when it (such as the Armoured SUV and troop carrier). Aim for those spots if they are being operated by the enemy to swiftly dispatch them. When driving, the rules of the road may not apply, but the mechanics of driving do.

  • Once you restore the satellite uplink, grab a vehicle and speed through the next part. Psyco will tell you there's a KPA truck headed your way, so you can drive left into the river valley. Bail out once your ride goes over the cliff, to ensure you don't die in the following impact. Some attack choppers will be on your tail, so engage them with missles (if you have them) or covertly make your way across the river.

  • Be sure to grab a precision rifle and the sniper scope before you leave the KPA base. The sniper scope makes the next few missions much easier, and the precision rifle will be handy for getting headshots against KPA soldiers guarding the research site.

  • After the artefact freezes everything, it'll be quite dark in here. Use the night vision to secure a quick exit, and be prepared for a nocturnal firefight with the KPA.

  • The importance of having a good ride becomes apparent once you start backtracking. Be sure to have a missile launcher on you before going, though, as assault choppers will be hot on your tail as you head to the extraction point.

  • You will fight three Korean nanosuit soldiers in the graveyard. The soldiers are far tougher than any of the KPA you've faced previously, so be cautious. The best way to kill them is to use closing fire with an assault rifle and finish them with a shotgun blast- this forces them to switch off their precision rifles to SMGs, which are much weaker.  Do not leave them for too long, as they will recharge their health once they find cover.

The U.S. then begins an invasion of the island led by Major Strickland. As the U.S. forces continue to the main excavation site, the main mountain on the island begins to fall apart, revealing a two-kilometer high structure inside. Nomad enters the excavation site at the mountain's base, but is captured by Kyong's men and watches as Kyong kills one of the hostages and then detonates charges to open the structure. An energy pulse emanates from the structure and kills Kyong's men. Kyong then attacks Nomad in his own Nanosuit until Nomad kills him. As the mountain continues to collapse, a VTOL evacuates the last hostage, who is Dr. Rosenthal's daughter Helena, but is unable to rescue Nomad.

  • Having fought the last two levels with the FY-71, the SCAR makes a welcome re-appearance. All out war is declared now, so pick up all the ammo you need and head to the objective. Soldiers are numerous at this point, so it is recommended that you switch your rifle to fire semiautomatic mode, and engage them at a distance.

  • It's almost dawn again, and one of the best parts about Crysis is the dynamic day/night cycles. You take out enemy AAA guns here, so be sure to collect the C4 charges lying around at KPA outposts.

  • The shotgun and SMG are recommended for this fight: things get really messy, as you will be fighting countless KPA soldiers.  Have the charges ready to to plant on the AAA turrents, and be sure to have a few metres between yourself and them when you use the detenators!

  • You will eventually need to board the cruiser and disable a jammer. Once you're done, use your binoculars to paint the ship and enjoy the fireworks as the cruiser is sunk in an airstrike.

  • Onslaught is the name of the fifth mission, and a well-chosen one, at that. The first half is a tank battle, and will feel extremely high-paced as you engage KPA tanks with a MBT of your own. It takes three shells to disable an enemy tank, so it's recommended that one takes a good position and snipes tanks from a distance.

  • Beware of the KPA armour hiding in the foilage. Once your tank takes more than 90% damage, it's a good idea to get out and move on foot. Make good use of the foilage for cover to recharge your armour, and alternate between speed mode to reach KPA posts (these are the locations with ammo lying around, so reaching them and picking up those extra rockets would be a good idea).

  • You should carry a missile launcher with you at all times on this level, as attack helicopters will mercilessly pursue you. You'll be required to take out more AAA guns, and again, the missile launcher is useful for taking them out from a distance: the scope on the missile launcher will save you a lot of time, reducing the need to use charges.

  • A munitions pickup towards the end of the mission gives you a gauss gun. This is the best sniper weapon in game, so immediately mount your sniper scope onto it. Despite firing slowly and leaving a blue contrail that can compromise your position, it can throw KPA soldiers back like ragdolls even with a body shot.

  • Mission six involves squaring off against nanosuit mini-gunners. They're not very accurate, and remain stationary when firing, so the best tactic is to engage them with your assault rifle, as they can shrug off explosives and guass rounds. The best alternative is to use the incendary rounds on semi-automatic mode: a few rounds will bring down these walking tanks.

  • Once you clear out the nanosuit gunners and the remainder of the KPA patrols, head over to the landing zone and grab extra ammo for the gauss gun. This will be an indispensible tool later on, so do hang on to it.

  • Once you reach the bottom of the mining pit, you will be faced with APCs. They will use their rockets and machine guns in intervals; a few seconds in their line of fire will shred your SUV, but you can take advantage of the pauses in their firing to dispatch them.

  • A few soldiers with nanosuits await you inside the mine. Constantly bathe them in assault rifle fire to bring them down, and proceed into the depths of the mine, but be careful of falling rockets (which will kill you even if you're in armour mode).

  • Taking on General Kyong is actually very straightforwards: you can dispose of him in a number of ways, with the most amusing being to throw things at him. A combination of SMG and shotgun fire also seems to work quite well, but don't employ hit-and-run tactics, as his health will regenerate over time.

  • It's too bad Helena doesn't thank you for saving her >_<, but the next part of the game is going to be either a challenge or a blessing for gamers. Regardless of what you may think, get all the ammo you can carry before heading into the cave.

Nomad is trapped and decides to continue into the alien structure. It soon turns into a zero gravity environment. Nomad uses his hydro-thrusters to maneuver and he encounters hostile sentient aliens. He also sees an invasion force consisting of many Alien machines. Nomad finds an escape, but the alien structure creates a massive sphere of energy that freezes everything inside to -200°. Once outside, Nomad is attacked by various Alien machines before finding Prophet. Prophet was able to engineer a weapon using the aliens' technology. The two leave the ice sphere and rescue Helena, whose VTOL crashed. Prophet leaves with Helena on another VTOL. At the U.S. evacuation point, one of the last VTOLs rescues Nomad from an unstoppable exosuit, which kills Major Strickland. As they leave the island, the VTOL's pilot is killed and Nomad must fly back to the USS Constitution (CVN-80) carrier strike group.

  • The interior of the alien complex is in zero G, so get used to navigating around in this manner for a while. You'll encounter aliens in their natural form here, and while quite agressive, they can be taken out quite easily. This mission is a very long maze, and your map is out, so be sure to recognize landmarks and proceed cautiously to avoid getting lost.

  • We're finally back outside, and what a welcoming thought that is, right? Wrong. You must now fight the aliens, and as they have resistance to everything you've got, fighting them becomes a challenge. From personal experience, the shotgun is your best friend for now: on spread mode, it will kill an alien soldier in 2-3 shells.

  • After Prophet gives you the MOAC/MOAR gun (MOlecular ACcelerator/MOlecular ARrestor), switch it immediately to the more powerful and more useful MOAR mode. Gamers find the MOAC to be woefully underpowered, despite it having unlimited ammo, and will often recommend other weapons to you. However, the MOAR is definately the way to go against the aliens: it will freeze the smaller aliens and destroy the scouts in a second or two of sustained fire. See Prophet's health bar? The game ends if he dies, so walk him to fires scattered along the path to the end of this level, and let him warm up to 100 before moving on.

  • The weather's gone mad on the island. Hopefully, you'll have kept your MOAR, as it is indespensible in killing off the squid like alien scouts. There's no time to enjoy the scenery, so once you meet up with Strickland, get moving.

  • On the way down to the VTOL crash, be alert and make use of the machine gun to dispatch the alien forces. Notice how the weather has changed since the game first started,

  • After a brief ride to the VTOL crash, use your MOAR to provide covering fire until Helena gets away safely. You may opt to use the APC left on the battlefield, but once it runs out of shells, ditch it. An alien Exosuit will appear and mess up the marines, but there's no way to beat the exosuit for now. Rush to the VTOL landing point, and take to the skies.

  • The VTOL fight was one of the best parts of the game: you take control of a VTOL and engage aliens in the skies. The chain gun is great for creating covering fire, after which you can use missiles to finish the aliens. Be sure to cover and escort all the objectives. Note that I have zero damage at this point, as I head off to the USS Constitution. The VTOL seems to be able to regenerate, so take advantage of this.

Once there, he is debriefed by Rear Admiral Richard Morrison who explains that a nuclear strike has been ordered against the ice sphere. Helena warns him that the aliens might absorb the energy, but the admiral ignores her. Prophet flies a VTOL back to the island against orders. Despite Prophet's return, the nuclear missile is launched at the ice sphere. The explosion causes the ice sphere to expand and prompts a massive alien counterattack.

  • The aircraft carrier exemplifies the level of detail in Crysis. Proceed inside on the calmest part of the game yet to debrief.  You pick up the Tactical Assault Cannon (TAC), but it requires special permissions to use. Nonetheless, hang on to it. Following the nuclear strike, the aliens must be angered, because they initiate a massive counterattack, and pound the aircraft carrier. They damage the reactor, and so, being the hero, you must fix it.

  • A shoutout to the movie 2012, you proceed through the half flooded lower decks of the carrier. A shotgun and guass rifle will be effective at holding back the aliens, but focus on saving the carrier first.

  • Helena discovers that your nanosuit can be used to stop the aliens at some level (foreshadowing!). Once you arrive at the reactor room, get inside and use strength mode to push in the jammed control rods. There's actually no need to rush, so regenerate each time after pushing down a control rod, unless you wish to succumb to radiation poisoning.

  • The Alien Exosuit isn't a problem since you have unlimited missile launchers lying on deck: once Helena takes out the shields using a frequecy emitted by your nanosuit (some dues ex machina here, if you will); simply unload missiles at the exosuit until crumbles into oblivion. A heroic theme starts playing in the background, but this was the fake boss...(I know they don't have an article of it yet, but trust me, it fits under this catagory).

  • You're probably wondering why you didn't need the TAC gun for the exosuit. This is obvious enough, as the Alien warship rises from the waters to take you on. The fight is quite challenging, since the warship can freeze you, and you'll be fighting Alien scouts, as well. Quickly disable its cannons, and use the TAC to blow off its arms. Repeat this process for the underside hatch, and once the monstrosity goes down, rush towards the VTOL before the carrier sinks.

  • The warship explodes spectacularly, but I can't help but feel that the boss battle felt too much like old arcade shooters against bosses, requiring you to take out arms and cannons before attacking the main body. All in all, Crysis is a very complex, very well done FPS, with stunning visuals, and flexible gameplay. While introducing nothing revolutionary, any machine that can run the game is more or less future-proof! Once you've beaten the game, give your computer a thank you for being useful, as it likely will run anything else with ease.

Nomad is ordered to repair one of the carrier's damaged nuclear reactors. While he does this, Helena sends an experimental signal through Nomad's suit that causes several alien machines to absorb too much power and overload. Psycho pilots a VTOL with Helena on board. As Nomad returns to the flight deck, Rear Admiral Morrison is killed and Nomad takes the prototype TAC-Cannon, which is essentially a nuclear grenade launcher. On the flight deck, Nomad fights a similar exosuit from before. A massive alien warship then appears and Helena manages to deactivate its shields by sending a signal through Nomad's Nanosuit. Nomad destroys it with the TAC-Cannon. Nomad jumps onto Psycho's VTOL as the warship crashes into the carrier and destroys it. As the three leave, they learn that a U.S. Naval fleet from Japan is en route, but decide to return to the ice sphere. They then receive a transmission from Prophet, who is still alive inside the ice sphere.

FAQs and Guides

Crysis is played as an open-world shooter, so it is up to the player to determine how to accomplish the objective and progress. However, instances may arise in the campaign when progress becomes difficult, so the guides below can assist in rectifying that.

  • Walkthrough Guide- This is a full walkthrough of the campaign, detailing how to complete missions and also providing an outline for how to use your nanosuit effectively.
  • Weapons/Enemies Guide- Written for both Crysis and Crysis Warhead, this is an excellent guide for weapons (and how to use them appropriately), along with explanations of how to best engage the enemies.

Comment on Graphics

Graphically, Crysis looks photorealistic at times- it's that amazing. Crytek has managed to achieve a visual fidelity that blows away anything seen to date, and there are countless moments when you'll just stop and gape at what you're seeing. Sometimes it's just the ordinary, like the setting sun casting all sorts of shadows and rays through the jungle canopy. Other times, it's something epic, like watching a huge alien war machine stomping toward you. The impressive aspect of the graphics is just how it manages to render huge, open, dynamic, interactive levels. Everything looks amazing up close or far away. Interacting with your squadmates lets you gaze upon the mechanical sinews of their nanosuit, or the incredible facial animation that brings them to life. They're capable of the subtlest of facial gestures to help convey emotion. Then you can sit on a ridge and peer down using binoculars to a village a kilometer away, scouting the location of the patrolling guards and machine gun posts. The sheer fact that many of the trees and buildings are destructible just adds a level of realism that's staggering.

  • It is hard not to be completely impressed when the first images and videos of Crysis appeared. Scenes of lush jungles and towering alien war machines looked light-years beyond what seemed possible. Upon release, some players claimed that a computer powerful enough to run the game at full settings would have graphics more real than real life. Below, my decision to explore some of the outlying islands was rewarded very nicely: I found a secluded island with azure waters and white sands.


The Nanosuit

"Nano-Muscle Suits", or Nanosuits, are powerful and extremly versitile battle armor worn by a soldier to drastically enhance his/her combat and functionability performance. These highly advanced suits allow superhuman feats when used to their full potential. The foremost function of Nanosuits are their ability to dedicate their energy supply to a specific function which ultimately augments and greatly enhances certain properties of the wearer.


Armor mode diverts the limited-capacity regenerative energy supply of the Nanosuit into absorbing the kinetic energy of incoming projectiles and other damaging forces, such as hazardous levels of heat and radiation. While the Nanosuit is constantly regenerating any damage to the wearer's physiology, this regenerative process occurs the fastest in Armor mode. In Armor mode, the energy supply of the Nanosuit only depletes in the process of protecting incoming fire or the effects of other hazards to biological life that face the player. When not under any biological threat, the energy reserves of the suit will ultimately return to 100%. Armor mode is commonly used in the absence of the need to use any other mode, as the protection it provides can be the difference between life and death when faced with unexpected threats.


In Strength mode, the wearer's muscular strength is increased to an immense scale. Thrown objects are thrown with significantly more force, melee attacks become much stronger and forceful, and the user can jump superhuman heights, allowing them to scale rocky terrain and the like with unprecedented ease. Strength mode also enhances the accuracy of the users shooting by reducing sway and recoil, allowing the user to manage automatic firearms such as a handheld minigun with greater ease. In Strength mode, the energy supply of the Nanosuit is depleted when the effects of Strength mode are particularly called upon; there is significant energy drain when jumping and performing melee attacks. Shooting causes a minor energy drain. Inaction (standing or walking) in Strength mode will ultimately result in full energy reserves.


In Speed mode, power is diverted to increasing the dexterity of the user, allowing them to make quicker motion and cover more ground in less time. The power of the suit's "hydro-thrusters" is also increased while in Speed mode, and thus the user will still move at an increased speed even while in zero-gravity environments. The 'sprint' function of Speed mode allows the entire energy reserve of the Nanosuit to be diverted into a short but extremely fast movement. The increased dexterity of Speed mode also allows the user to reload firearms and prepare heavy weapons at an increased speed. Since the user can perform melee attacks faster when in Speed mode, the damage rendered from melee attacks in a given time period ultimately increases with Speed mode. However, Strength mode is advised for single, powerful melee attacks. When in Speed mode, only the Sprint function and melee attacks depletes the energy reserves of the Nanosuit. As long as the user is not sprinting, suit energy reserves will ultimately reach 100%. It is advisable to use Speed mode and its associated Sprint function when attempting long jumps or when ascending steep slopes that are too steep to scale with Strength mode. This is opposed to Strength mode, which is more appropriate for high jumps.


The Cloak mode of the Nanosuit activates an extremely convincing chameleon-style camouflage that makes the player almost invisible. Also, noise created by the wearer's movement is drastically reduced. Only relatively close scrutiny or a sharp ear can identify a Nanosuit in Cloak mode, seen only by slight diffraction of the light passing 'through' the user, and a slight blue glow visible in certain lighting conditions. The Cloak, as an unfortunate side effect of its functioning, emits high-pitched noise on the boundaries of those frequencies audible to human ears, generally audible only to younger ears. Usually unnoticeable, a trained ear can recognize the sound as warning of proximity to a Nanosuit user. The Cloak is a demanding function that ultimately reduces the energy reserves available, and therefore cannot be sustained indefinitely. While a stationary user can make use of the Cloak mode for over a minute, motion causes a much more rapid drain on the energy reserves of the Nanosuit; the faster the user moves, the faster the drain. If the suit's energy reserves drops below ten, Cloak will deactivate and the suit will switch to Armor mode. If you attempt to activate Cloak while energy is below ten, it will immediately deactivate and Armor mode will be activated instead. The shock of firing a weapon (or preforming any attack, such as throwing a grenade) is sufficient to completely and instantly drain the energy reserves of the Nanosuit, resulting in the immediate deactivation of Cloak mode and the switch to Armor mode. While Cloak mode greatly reduces the chance of an enemy hitting the user, any incoming fire received will cause direct damage to the user's physiology, as no power is provided to the Armor functions of the suit while engaged.


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